Join a Live Google+ Hangout with Mike O'Brien at the Paris Climate Talks This Friday


Are tax payers paying for his vacation to Paris?
O'Brien's environmental activism is one of the reasons he won reelection so easily. Angry teabaggers who want to rant about taxpayer dollars probably have to just suck it, being so unpopular and irrelevant. That's gotta hurt, am I right?
Did you march in the recent protests against the police state ?…
I think that The Stanger should have provided for Sydney to fly to Paris for on-site reporting.
How many carbon credits were used flying the Seattle contingent over there?

When have any of these self-congratulatory, multi-national circlejerks ever solved any sort of significant, global problem? It's vanity dressed up as activism.

What about eradicating smallpox? Or the fact that every country on earth doesn't have nuclear weapons? Like South Africa and Kazakhstan giving them up? And that the countries that do have them haven't used them in 70 years? Banning CFCs? Removing lead from gasoline in almost every country?

Want more? Are you new to our planet? This stuff isn't a secret.
What does Mike O'Brien think of the French policy of prohibiting the unvaccinated children from attending public schools, day care, and sports centers ? Is Seattle behind or ahead on that, given we've got plenty of cases of whooping cough, measles, and tuberculosis around here in the past decade ?
Except O'Brien's not on the School Bard, so...
Vancouver in British Columbia announced last month that they want to become the world's "Greenest City". Is Seattle going to take on the challenge?
How will Seattle be able to protect or even increase the tree canopy in face of growth and fast development? Is it true that the goal of 40% tree canopy coverage has been abandoned, and now even 30% are questionable?
What are the plans to protect Puget Sound from increased sewage flows, thanks to a growing population?
Will there be a comprehensive plan to juggle sustainability and affordability of the city, and with what kind of mass transit concept?