NBC News Shows Live Tour of the Apartment of the Woman Suspect in San Bernardino Shooting


Who the fuck watches cable news? Garbage television for garbage viewers. (that includes that raving nationalist rachel maddow)
The landlord gave the news crews permission to tour the house, something that did not happen in those other cases. There were no live tours of Vester Flanagan's house either.

Do you seriously think that news crews got permission to sensationally tour the other houses live but said, "Nah, that's a white guy's house, we need to wait until it is a non-white person?"
"We didn't get a tour of Robert Dear's lonely bungalow. We didn't get a first look at Dylan Roof's childhood bedroom."

Are you assuming that TV news wouldn't have done both of these programs if they had access?
great piece RIch, and something i wouldn't have necessarily thought critically about on my own. keep up the good work.
seems these terrible journalists also showed the ID/SS# of the mother of one of the shooters.
@5 seems they also pawed through the fridge. Great stuff.
"bullshit sensationalist reality show?"

Go to hell, Rich. It's our God given right as gun carrying, jingoistic voyeurs to infiltrate these peoples lives and those of anyone they've ever interacted with. That apartment should be converted into an NRA sponsored tourist attraction with ticketed admission and an accompanying souvenir and gift shop.
It's only evidence that those news outlets are perfectly willing to sensationalize and fetishize the mass shooters themselves, perpetuating the cycle of violence by giving deranged mass killers exactly what they want.

Instant notoriety and fame.
"If the stuff that CNN and NBC reporters were rifling through was at all relevant to the mass murder case against them or to their connections with ISIS, then it would have been admitted as evidence in a trial."

If there were going to be a trial, you think evidence would already be admitted? And who do you think would be tried in this "mass murder case"? It's not news that cable news sucks, but these are just really odd things to write.
The US CONgress has killed thousands of people both directly through authorizing wars of aggression and indirectly through countless laws that enable their cronies to poison the environment, defraud the public, and shove unlimited weapons into the hands of mass murders. They're an ongoing and deadly threat to the United States who have and will mercilessly murder more Americans than ISIS ever could.

When will the media tour their mansions and vacation homes??
What a convoluted extrapolation, Rich. News is news. The resulting perceptions you have are tangential to getting the facts out. That's the essence of journalism.
@1: how is she a raving nationalist? I don't watch Maddow a lot, but she seems like the best of the lot.

is there someone you recommend? amy goodman?
BTW, MSNBC feels bad about it now.
Trial? The two people who did this are dead.
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