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In other words, when you read raindrop's comments, remember he's full of shit.
@1 - In fairness to GayDudeForRaindrop, he has made significant headway towards moderate territory in Thinkingville. I believe he would tell you that he finds all the GOP candidates (excepting perhaps for Rubio) to be unworthy of a nomination. I suspect he's going to hold his nose while he votes for Hil this election cycle.
It's not the presidential election that liberals and minorities have to worry about. They come out in droves during presidential elections. It's the midterms that need supporting.
@3: I'm not so sure that Raindrop's become especially more moderate. He's just like a lot of people who were at home in the party of Colin Powell, or Mitt Romney (as he was in 2005) , or Chris Christie (the governor, not the presidential candidate), or William Weld, or Olympia Snow, etc. That party doesn't exist anymore. Or rather, it does, and the nearest thing it has to a standard bearer is Hillary Clinton.
Bless you sperifera - you and Eric are both correct. I have liberalized economically over the past few years and I can no longer give any credence to the any of the GOP candidates as being worthy of the presidency. It's sad. Our republic is healthy from a two party system and our sexual orientation and bodies should not have to be a factor in choosing a candidate. Maybe in 2020.

And yes, I will cast my vote for Hillary.

@1: May one of your cats bite you so you have to be on antibiotics over Christmas and won't be able to enjoy any rum with your egg nog.
@6 I dare you to name ONE Hillary accomplishment worth a shit. She's so unqualified.
@6 yeah, I remember either just shrugging your posts off or getting annoyed by them back in the day. But I've found your posts to be pretty dang sensible the last couple months to a year. I always like to think that I am the consistent one, but I'm sure it's a mix
@7: By your bar, and perhaps mine, she hasn't. But, in the end, election after election, don't we have to judge the candidate's judgement and how we feel about them come election day?

@8: Don't worry, I'm prone to easily slip into hyperbole.
Mehlman, assuming that your post is sarcastic and not serious, have you experienced a radical change of mentality lately? You sound alarmingly non-conservative.

Yes, Hillary is a mix of traditional Republican and liberal. So our choice for President will be Hillary Colin-Powell, or mind-numbingly crazy.
@6 raindrop. gets my hug of the day.. as you were..
Thank you, Raindrop.
It's sad that you still have to explain this shit to your follow homos every single election.
Any readers nonplussed by Dan's post might also want to contemplate how justices that would overturn Obergefell or Roe v. Wade might rule on the right to privacy established in Griswold v. Connecticut, which protects the right to use contraception, or Lawrence v. Texas, which protects the right to oral and anal sex between consenting adults. Once people start taking away certain rights to sexual autonomy other rights can easily be lost too.
@7: Yeah, because 8 years as a Senator and 4 years as Secretary of State don't prepare someone for the Presidency, huh? Name a single serious candidate besides her with a better resume.
@15 I said accomplishment, just getting elected doesn't qualify. Still waiting...
@16: No, it's doing her job as Secretary of State that takes some serious skill. I spent five seconds Googling and came up with a collection of answers from the experts.…
So, who in the running has a better resume than Hillary Clinton?
I'm certainly not voting for anyone who will pack the Supremes with Scalia clones. My conscience hasn't decided about Mrs C yet.

Mr Lash - One thing not on Mrs C's resume is winning difficult elections that have required her to win over people ill-disposed to her. (Even Mr Palmer in Sense and Sensibility managed to tackle that fatiguing task.) I do think it's time for a woman because, having plenty of perfectly capable women, we have now reached the point where every cycle we don't elect a woman president the v* vote will grow and keep growing until the first woman will be chosen for practically no other reason and we'll get just about the worst one going. But I'd prefer a woman who didn't remind me of Francis Urquhart (from the real House of Cards). Mrs C may turn out to be the least bad of a group of awful choices. I am trying not to let her fanboys/girls influence me against her. On a good day, I can envy them their happy fortune in having a candidate in the running in whom they can believe so enthusiastically.
@17 Experts my ass, those are lefty politicians that stand to lose big if the Dems lose the White House. Try again.
@19, Do you have any actual rebuttal to the points made by Politico or are you just going to blindly bash the messenger? If you have something useful to say about their points I'm all ears but if you're just going to say "I didn't read it but everything they said is wrong because they are who they are" then just shut your worthless mouth.
Perhaps you would prefer one of these sources.………

Of course, I know you have Google and could have found any of this, or the countless other websites with answers to your questions on your own. I know you don't actually give half a shit about the truth or in honesty, you just want to do some mindless Hillary bashing. Still, I thought it would be worth mentioning for other folks.

BTW, how exactly do you think the website Politico loses under Republican leadership? They grew up under W and probably get a lot more readership when a Republican is in power.
@19: They're experts on Democratic politics, that's for sure.
They list exactly five million notable accomplishments right there in plain English. Do you deny that Ms. Clinton did those things? No? Okay then, those are some of her accomplishments.
So, what have any of the Republican candidates done that qualifies them? You're having an awful lot of trouble answering a simple question, m88.

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