A Climate Justice Activist at the Paris Climate Talks Says Police Are Racially Profiling Attendees


Please define 'climate justice' instead of leaving the meaning of such an nebulousl juxtaposition of nouns entirely up the reader.
@1 Climate Justice is a term we - scientists, environmentalists, sane and decent people - use to call attention to the fact that the poorest people are the ones who are and will suffer the most with climate change's devastating effects on: food, water, air, homes, land, jobs, health, weather, infrastructure, public services, conflicts, diseases, displacement, wars, survival, LIVES!!

2 degrees C warming is when climate change start killing rich people. Hundreds of millions of the global poor, the indigenous peoples, fishing villages, island nations, coastal communities, developing nations - will be injured/displaced/DEAD before that threshold. Yet it has been the richest people and nations who have brought about this crisis, with our out-of-control greedy MONEY IS OUR GOD practices AND our refusal to change. Even now when we KNOW what the catastrophic consequences will be.

Therein lies the injustice.

Hundreds of MILLIONS of HUMANS will DIE, millions of living species will go EXTINCT in the BIGGEST Mass Extinction in Earth's history, and we're bickering over how much we should do, and who should do more, to stop this unimaginable horror!

@2 The problem is that "climate justice" is being hijacked by the likes of India's Prime Minister Modi to continue with some damaging Co2 ways, much like using more and more coal for energy use in India, (India has lots of coal, little oil)

We have to do something, first world, developing world, third world nations to combat the rise of global temperatures. You are right, Climate Change will be genocidal besides mass extinction of species, famine and drought will be the norm, not cyclical.

However, There are those rather push economic aid and in some ways economic blackmail as "climate justice", than battling climate change.

We need climate change legislation, we need climate justice and massive economic aid to third world nations to combat it, and help their economies. But we are probably going to also see some serious corruption via "Climate Justice", where programs for reforestation, population control, clean water treatment, where funds will go in many swiss bank accounts instead.
I love Iseult's modesty:
"we - scientists, environmentalists, sane and decent people".

well this is just dandy. lets limit poor countries ability to industrialize so they die in poverty with no modern infrastructure while the rich industrialized countries continue to produce the most co2 causing people to die from climatic changes that may or may not be caused by carbon 'pollution' in some arbitrary time frame of decades or centuries.
do the climate change believers feel a pang of guilt whenever they flip a light switch? do they sob uncontrollably when they ride in a car or bus knowing that they are genocidal world killers? do they die a little inside when they take a plane half way around the world to complain about the amount of carbon that's being released into the atmosphere?

listen to a climate change believer senator argue with a climate scientist

and guess why the police left a black american alone. because they probably figured that the american didn't swim across the atlantic. poor impoverished immigrants/people get profiled by police.
"climate justice" is a fairly stupid term. Not only is it a buzzword, it takes an entirely wrongheaded approach to the issue.
We don't need to take action against AGW because it'll disproportionately affect poor nations; we need to take action because it'll disrupt ecosystems worldwide, cause massive crop failures, and generally fuck shit up. The issues of inequality don't even begin to factor into why it's a problem.

Think of it like a crime wave. Yeah, it'll probably have disproportionate impact on poor inner-city folks who are more likely to be POC, but that's not why it's a bad thing, is it? In fact, I'd say taking the "climate justice" position is counterproductive in some ways. If you paint it as "oh, just bad things happening to sub-Saharan Africa and Bangladesh", it distracts from the reality that it threatens everyone.