WATCH: A Live-Stream of Seattle Cats


Thank you, would be cat adopters for your generosity and loving hearts. Now please put a bell on your wild birds' sadistic murderer(s). Hellooo, my dear neighbor, whose un-belled cats stalk my hummingbirds and chickadees feeders - for hours -!!!
A collar bell is unlikely to work at protecting birds. A cat hunts by sitting very still and in silence until the prey comes too close, then it pounces.
While I like Cat City, I have to admit that I also like the videos of Mosho. I don't know if he was already mentioned in your dozens of links/posts about Portland cat happenings, but:…

Also, the place that did the live streaming for them last year (or was it two years ago?) used a dropcam that had a wider degree of view and higher quality image. How do we get a better in there?
My cat has never managed to catch anything. He tries, but is routinely flummoxed by the many squirrels that frequent my yard. They taunt him into chasing them, and then scamper up into trees, shrilly taunting him from on high.
I am here because I read "suck it Portland" and it caught my attention. Ok, I like Portland but every time I leave there's a sense of relief. Cats can have the internet, dogs rule movies and me.
Purrfect Pals (main shelter located in Arlington, WA but there are adoption centers from South Seattle on up) has had a livestream of kitties for years now, hosted by "Foster Dad John," one of their volunteers. He has thousands and thousands of followers from around the world and is currently on his 50th litter of kittens (this time just a mama and one baby)!

Find the cam, plus information and media coverage about it, here:…, or go directly to it the livestream site here:….

Take that, Portland!
@5....I checked out that link, it seems like a great idea, however it may not work on a cat laying low in a flower garden in bloom.