What to Expect from Tonight's Pointless Republican Debate


Speaking of Survivor, it would be fun if, at the end of the "debate," they all got to vote one of the candidates off the campaign.
They could win immunity by being the first one to hound a muslim out of the auditorium.
too bad the mouth breathers don't like Kasich; he's the only Establishment candidate other than Jeb!. the rest are making me miss Romney's not-completely-insaneness.

Allah save the Republic from these clowns.
"Also, tonight on KOMO they're showing an all-new holiday episode of Wheel of Fortune, which will be relatively painless and boasts a level of discourse that is comparable to the debates." I protest, the level of discourse on display in Wheel of Fortune absolutely exceeds what will be on tap at the debates....
It can be pointless in terms of how you will vote, but it will be very interesting to watch and will affect the race the some degree. Hence, the debate is not pointless.
As entertaining as this has been it really isn't funny. The GOP has taken half of the nation's political establishment and allowed it to be controlled by idiotic ass wipes who have no business running for anything unless they are working for Benito Mussolini as street thugs.

Here's the worse case (and now possible) scenario. Trump or Cruz gets the nomination and then next August Hillary Clinton does the "slips on the banana peal" during the campaign and add a "disaster" either real or properly hyped by the media. Now you've got a real problem on your hands.

But for all the cries of how horrible Trump is why isn't the GOP taking responsibility for the monster they created? He's practically the love child of Sarah Palin and Mitt Romney. A billionaire TV reality star.
NYT says debate is in Vegas..."Tuesday night’s debate at the Venetian Resort Hotel Casino in Las Vegas".

@6: Yes, that CNN page that Matt referenced is wrong. The debate is in Las Vegas. The official schedule is, of course, at GOP.COM.
@5: Except for disparaging remark on Mitt, that's a pretty astute summation Cato.
Also, Wheel of Fortune is an utterly unwatchable show.
A friend of mine posted on his Facebook that he thinks the GOP should abandon the podiums in favor of the "Hollywood Squares" set. I think that's the best idea I've heard all year.
anyone know of any bars that will have the debate on?
i would rather eat a burning turd sandwich than listen to a single drop of poisonous bile spew from the cracked lips of any of these shameless bigots/evil corporate whores.
@10: And with Rose Marie and Paul Lynde, that would narrow it down to only seven candidates.
@8: Since when is referring to someone as a billionaire a disparaging remark?

Especially when it's true. He wasn't called R-Money for nothing.
@14 For the record Romney is only worth about 250-500mil. Most of it held in Trusts started by his dad.

Trump inherited that much from his dad and basically could have just sat on it and still been worth what he claims to be today.

But you know self-made pulled themselves up by their own boot straps and all that.....
@15: Oh, you're right. It must have been the inaccuracy of the title of "billionaire" (ascribing to him more wealth than the already astronomical amount he holds) that raindrop must have been objecting to.