Fuuuuuuck this awesome and the news is delicious. Om nom nom nom
Please put him in jail for 2000 years.
maybe I'm being a wet blanket or whatever, and I've yet to totally work out my thoughts on this, but here it goes.

So people seem to be getting really happy about this bit of news, but is there any result of this arrest that could truly do the sort of damage to this guy that people seem to wish for? In real world terms it's not gonna affect his lifestyle given the income level that he's at. Any punishment that would endanger that (death or rendering him poverty-stricken) would be really heavy-handed and probably unfair.

I just don't see the moral catharsis in this that others appear to. They seem to think that our laws have the ability to ruin him the way they can ruin poor people

@4: Yeah, I am not sure why anyone thinks he will get anything more than a paltry (compared to his net worth) fine and a year probation or something.

People talk about race affecting the courts, but really it is money.
@4 bradl

Quite. The principal transgression that demanded he be stopped was the overt manner in which he tweaked the world's nose. Stop him! He's giving the game away! That he is probably a deranged narcissist, i.e. legitimately crazy, makes him sympathetic if anything. By all means, put him away, or at least ban him from the activities where he can cause harm. But let's not pretend that he's going to some mythical prison to room with the CEOs who brought the world economy to its knees.
I love the idea that the world's only copy of this Wu-Tang album is likely to end up property of the federal government as a result of all this.
While I certainly understand the level of schadenfreude being expressed, @4 does make a valid point, namely, that there's really no penalty short of extended jail time that's going to have much of an impact on Mr.Shkreli, his lifestyle, or his bank account; but the likelihood of that happening seems pretty slight and probably won't amount to much more than a relatively minor slap on the wrist, financially-speaking. I wonder if perhaps instead there might be a more creative form of punishment meted out: something on the order of several hundred hours of community service work, preferably in a venue such as a public health clinic where he would be confronted on a daily basis with the real-world consequences of his actions.
@8 - I'd love to see him get the sort of punishment you recommend but I doubt it would do much good. He acts like a true psychopath and even if he did his community service in a public health clinic I think he'd be able to separate himself emotionally from the clients and create an internal scenario where they were responsible for their own health and he was there only to work off the unjust decision of the judge. I doubt he has an empathic bone in his body and he'd need to have some capacity for empathy to benefit from community service.
I took more delight in this video of him admitting that he has no friends while creeping on a 17 year-old girl online. There is something seriously wrong with him, and I doubt this will be the last time he finds himself in trouble.…
He perfectly represents modern day America. I'd be shocked if he doesn't run for the GOP nomination in two or three election cycles.
@10: Thanks blip. As if the line about Taylor Swift wasn't bad enough, this makes me wish there were an Almighty, purely so he could smite this little shitstain into a crater.
Doesn't surprise me at all that this piece of shit is involved with the same pieces of shit who protected an evil baby raping paedo for the same of money and their shit band. Thry all knew, they were told by the same woman who put Watkins in prison and she has proof of messages with band members

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