Judge Upholds Seattle's Gun and Ammo Tax, Which Takes Effect New Year's Day


So did anybody else just see over a page of new stories appear on the site within the hour, some of them back stamped to this morning?
#gunsalesmatter apparently. Social bigotry against firearm retailers?
It'll probably go all the way to the Supreme Court just like every other cultural adjustment our country attempts. Also, bigotry is simply intolerance toward those who hold different opinions from oneself. By definition, this could be a qualifier for both sides of the argument. However, only one side gives two shits about mass shootings. I don't know what you would call someone who fights against the movement to prevent the problem of mass shootings, but I would reason it's vastly, immeasurably worse than a bigot.
Through property taxes, law abiding gun and ammo purchasers are already paying for the no-snitch illegal gun owning crowd that makes up the majority of the victims at Harborview.
@3 "Also, bigotry is simply intolerance toward those who hold different opinions from oneself."

When did this start? I thought bigotry was intolerance toward those who were different through no choice, like race or sex. If someone had the opinion they could slap their spouse or have sex with children I certainly would be intolerant, but I'm not sure I see how that makes me a bigot. Religion started all this, we're not supposed to be intolerant of the choices that someone makes in what to worship- I call bullshit. Everyone is responsible for their own beliefs and opinions and it's ok if I disagree and work to change them as long as I don't use coercion.
So when the four affected stores predictably either move or suspend sales, how much cash is the fund going to bring in then?
When the four dusty old gun stores shut, we'll collect far more tax money from the swank watering holes that replace them. Even four more nail salons will bring in more revenue. And anyway, good riddance.
I hope that our city council looks into establishing a special drink tax that is levied at establishments where there are violent incidents or police response is needed. If done with a tiered system based on the number of incidents in the prior year, it could help to quell some of the alcohol-incited violence.

Can't speak for some of these places, as presumably they're ones that focus exclusively on guns & ammo and I don't shop there, but regular sporting goods stores like Big 5 and Outdoor Emporium that also sell guns and ammo probably aren't going to be closing up and relocating anytime soon, since they don't depend solely on these sales to generate revenue.
I would imagine the gun and ammo sales would just move online to avoid the tax like most already are. So in the end, I doubt it will have little effect on the amount of guns and ammo floating around.
Why not tax the group most affected by gun violence? Make those "young people of color" pay a special tax for their thug behavior. Good luck collecting that one. Why tax law abiding firearms owners,where the incidence of gun violence is lowest. This tax is arbitrary and misdirected. Another case of feel-good legislation that will do nothing to address the real problem. Incarcerate these young Black thugs for extended sentences as set out by already existing laws. Possession of a firearm in the commission of a felony is a 10 year sentence. Enforce this law and get these criminals off our streets.
Why isn't the Law firm repping the NRA named. Surely they should be shamed and we should know who they are?

In which case, I guess you would also agree to tax middle-aged white men, who bear the brunt of gun injuries and fatalities in WA, and almost always at the hands of other white males. Also white women, who are again almost always the victims of gun violence perpetrated by white men. And then there are the little kids who find mommy or daddy's loaded, unlocked gun lying around. And let's also not forget all those white guys selling guns at shows, or online, or out of the trunks of their car no questions asked prior to implementation of I-594.

So, I guess your definition of "arbitrary" leaves something to be desired, to say the least.
I don't know where you came up with your figures,or your hysterics,but if you Google the Washington State Dep't of Health,you'll get the true figures. Black,Latino,and American Indian homicide rates are 500% higher than the white or Asian rate. 80% of firearm deaths in WA State are suicides(2013 figures). The Lawmaker and the Judge that upheld the law specifically mention "young males of color". Their words,not mine,and true to government statistics.
80% seems very high,life in WA must not be all that peachy. A lot of folks want to take themselves out. When firearms become unavailable,they'll have to jump off a bridge or take poison.
I still consider the new law arbitrary,it targets the people not responsible for the violent crime,and I refer you to the officially published figures.Get over the Gun Show falsehoods.
I was waiting for COMTE to reply to my post,but as is usually the case,when presented with true facts and figures,phobic anti-gunners are silent. Carrying the discussion further,according to the Washington State Dep't of Health,the death rate due to gunshot 2008-2013 was 4 per 100,000 persons,including suicides.Discounting suicides(80%),the WA death rate per 100,000 is .8,well below the National average of 5 persons killed per 100,000. According to FBI figures,firearms sold at gun shows account for less than one tenth of one percent of gun crime. Law abiding citizens follow laws,criminals don't. Criminals steal their guns and ammunition,ans sell them to each other. The implementation of I-594 hasn't affected crime figures yet,it's too early to tell,but criminals don't care.
Is there a tax on automobiles,gas,repair parts,and oil to compensate the expenses caused by drunk drivers? Same logic at work. Why tax the lawful to pay for the actions of the unlawful.
What bit all boils down to is the aberrant human behavior of violent individuals. Guns are not to blame,they're just metal tools. The people who use them for crime are the guilty,and until society addresses the causes of criminality,the solution will never be. Check out the figures for sharp objects used in crime in Washington,it's almost as high as guns.
So if you're afraid of firearms,that's your right,just don't try to restrict the rights of others,your law abiding citizens of this City and State. Go after the criminals seriously,and enforce the thousands of laws already on the books.Put them away for the mandatory 10 years if they commit a felony in possession of a firearm. That'll thin the ranks.
Anti-gunner response welcomed.if it's factual,not screechy.