Technical Glitch Resulted in Early Release of Thousands of State Prisoners


Those Hiliary voters need time to get residency and register.
Hey, it takes a while to find a skilled COBOL programmer.
It's always good to see the urgency with which our leaders react to our problems. I suppose we can expect to see some action on climate change a few years after the last glacier has melted. God knows we don't have enough people in jail though right? I just hope that many of those prisoners that were let out early committed non-violent offences...
Meanwhile a justice "glitch" resulted in the inability to ever hold the real criminals accountable. The ones who incite wars over oil production and decimate populations and economies for personal gain.
Welcome to state employment.
@2 - Ha!

A technical glitch in the Washington State Department of Corrections' computer system has resulted in the early release of about 3,200 state prisoners over the last 13 years

So wait, NONE of the early-release prisoners ever said anything? I thought they were supposed to be reformed? OH MY GOD!

Second point: Fucking amazing that such a "computer error" could even happen. Really makes you look forward to the day of self-driving cars and software-driven sentencing. We are so fucked.

Want to trust computers? Read this: "Everything is broken"
@4 - Just like it's always been.

@3 - "You cannot go against Nature/ Because if you do/ Go against Nature/ It's part of Nature too..."
@2: Sad but accurate.
So there's now a surplus of empty cells? Isn't this the perfect solution to our recent invasion of drunken homeless trash?
I didn't realize that Volkswagen was in charge of the prison computer system. Probably saved the state millions though.
Anybody thought about using a calendar?
Or conversely - Computer glitch accidentally saves millions of taxpayer dollars.
Here's a pretty (and now likely picture) we will get to see played out. Take prisoner John Doe who was sentenced back in 2001 for a robbery with a gun enhancement (keep the enhancement piece in mind since that's what this screw up hinges on) and let's say he gets out after serving 4 years but now it turns out he was released two months early. Now let's make it better. The past decade John Doe has managed to pull his life back together in a society that puts up all sorts of barriers to prevent ex-con's from trying to do so and doesn't commit any crimes and leads a productive life. Hell, he probably has a new circle of friends who may or may not know about his past and possibly his employer doesn't know either.

Now, the SPD come knocking on his door one sunny afternoon to haul his ass back to prison to server the last two months of his sentence that the DOC screwed up on. Picture the hell that our system has now managed to put John Doe and his family and friends through.

I want you to picture this because as much as we want to hope all 3200 of those early released inmates are still law breaking criminals a large number of them aren't. And our wonderful state is about to ruin some lives that aren't worth ruining.

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!!
The only actual problem here is that it was only 3200 and not everyone.