Trump and Cruz Locked in Tight Contest to be History's Greatest Monster


Oh my God, it was disgusting. I don't want to talk about it.

Dude she went to the bathroom. She peed. Are you really that stupid? Do you think the women you marry don't pee (I don't know, I don't know, the women I'm with -- it just evaporates or something). Do you really think when you are on a date and the woman goes to "freshen up" that they just put on lipstick? Damn, dude, they are peeing. What a putz.
Actually, it was explained that she had to wait to use the bathroom because one of O'Malley's aides was in there holding everything up.
I sometimes think he's channeling his last campaign, for president of his frat.
The Stranger mad about the use of bad language? What planet is this happening on?
@2, there were multiple stalls in the bathroom, but what kind of a low-life would share a restroom?
I heard she took a huge dump.

Its polling 3rd in the Republican race.
@4, The normal one, where presidential candidates are expected to behave like grown-ups.
Trump and Cruz need to go away.
The point to remember is that when you lose the Republican primary, you bow out like a gentleman. If you are one. If not, then you run as an independent just to be a dick, even though you know you're handing the election to the Democrats.

So Trump might have given his "word", whatever that is, to support the nominee. But he also wants to remind you that he's no gentleman.
"Panem today, Panem tomorrow, Panem forever!"

Seriously. The trump quotes are just so bizarre. Probably even more so than they are reprehensible. I mean, he's gotta have plenty of reasonable and erudite handlers amongst his well paid staff. And if it were a one time thing, then I suppose maybe it could be written off as a gaffe. But he had the thing earlier about the Fox moderator "bleeding out of her wherever." I mean, I'm a goofball, juvenile, drunken idiot, but.. come on. That's honest to god grade school style idiocy. Perhaps more sad than anything, especially when considering there's millions of people still not sufficiently put off by it.
@11, why would you think Trump had handlers? His staff advise him; they do what he tells them to do.
Rather, his staff DON'T advise him.
What would Hillary be as a leader?

Moira Queen on Arrow

@5 Maybe the O'Malley aid was making a big stink, maybe she's pee and/or poop shy, or maybe her security detail wouldn't allow her to share. Why do you (and many others) jump to assume she's just too hoity toity to share a bathroom?
As I said before, screw ABC for not waiting till candidates were ready. Had they waited just a few more seconds, played another commercial, took time for a little commentary from a talking head, or whatever, we wouldn't be discussing this at all.
or as Cervantes said "I go to do what no other man can do for me" . also am I the only one who sees Ted as the "Cruz-affliction"
@15, because she's Hilary Clinton - she who hasn't driven herself in 25 years?