This man wants everyone in the back of the bus to I luv Dem Strippers
This man wants everyone in the back of the bus to love "I luv Dem Strippers" Charles Mudede

As pointed out in the November 11 We Saw You column, the new thing to do in public is to blast music in your smartphone with a UE Megaboom speaker. This technology is not only driving home stereo systems to extinction but also liberating the sound-power of such systems from living rooms. You can now carry your loud beats all over the city.

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This afternoon, a young man in the back of a Route 8 bus played 2 Chainz's 2012 hit "I luv Dem Strippers" on his boom speaker. The video for this track, which features Nicki Minaj, and which gave the young man a pleasure whose intensity was almost sexual (he particularly relished the line: "All my bitches different, all my diamonds glistening"), can be seen here. In the video, 2 Chainz is indeed in a strip club and loving it. The young man also played "Put On" by Young Jeezy.

This kind of behavior is still novel enough to be bearable.