Seattle Meowtropolitan Cat Cafe Is as Depressing as a Strip Club


I wonder how long until the cats kill the humans that put them in this degrading situation?
Presumably the Cat Cafe has posted The Oatmeal's classic How to Tell If Your Cat Is Plotting to Kill You. Patrons and workers beware.
Not so funny meow, is it?
I find that strip clubs usually cheer me up.
Pussy is depressing?!
This place will stay open FOREVER!!!
Seems like a good place to meet attractive young women.

Send in the bros!
@7 or current or future crazy cat ladies
I thought a jumper was British for sweater. That looks like a jumpsuit.
I live pretty close by so I've been there a couple times. But haven't shelled out the $10 yet.

Best part? They actually have fuggin FANTASTIC coffee. Not Vivace amazing, but right up there with Vita and better than most everything else in Wallingford.
I live pretty close by so I've been there a couple times. But haven't shelled out the $10 yet. They have really good coffee though, better than anything else in Wallingford IMO.
I have a reservation coming up, it's the bf's Xmas gift. Now am not as excited.
I've been to more than one bookstore with free-roaming cats, so why is it such a problem for a cafe to do the same? Reservations? Really? Just go to the fucking shelter for free.
As a stripper and the owner of two cats, I am trying to humbly respect your opinion but also look at it with humor. The cats don't know that there is a transaction going on. This is definitely an opinion article, but I would hope you knew that you were paying for an experience. I can see your point, but usually the customer understands the scenario when walking into a stripclub and gets that there is a fantasy being bought. As well, it's the customers choice to pick and choose whoever. For the last four years, I've tried walking into my work knowing that I'm basically playing Yahtzee! and that money is never guaranteed so I'm just friendly to whoever because I want to have a good time too. Although I'm told this is a rare outlook coming from someone who dances... There is no guarantee we get paid.

These cats are receiving care and up for adoption, but they're also getting free shelter and warm cuddles from everyone. Maybe walk in with a more positive attitude next time?

Your friendly and sympathetic Stripper
@15, I could look at the other side of the coin and tell you that you're receiving shelter (via money) and warm cuddles too. Doesn't change the fact that the customer is still paying for the experience.
I like that they are trying to adopt and find homes for shelter cats in need. Frees up room at the shelter to help more cats. Kitty colds are super common, sounds like they are doing everything right and looking out for the cats well being first. I love this😻 And coffee too☕️🐈
Those women look like Stepford Wives.
@18, Right? Maybe that's what depressed you, Rich. Or the fact that this doesn't seem to be as good for the cats as we might hope. Or that they are just not that into you (or me or anybody). Also, cats are nocturnal. Leave them the hell alone during the day.
@17 yes, it's much less depressing going to Meowtropolitan to consider adopting a cat, than to a shelter. The cafe will be a good vehicle for getting cats adopted
I <3 cats and cat cafes, but please, can we stop act like it's some kind of technological innovation that only happens in big cities? It's just a place, with a room for cats.
@18 I love how "conventionally attractive white* person" has become a stigmatizing factor for, uh, advanced progressives.
@22 - WHAT? Black women can't be Stepfords Wives? That's discrimination.
@22 And you know that 18 is an "advanced progressive" Because you made an assumption.