The Local Artist Who Made the Broadway Smurf Turds Recommended Getting Rid of Them Months Ago


more likely the lesson is: don't hire artists to design street furniture. traffic and civil engineers have degrees for a reason.
No, no, the anal beads are the bizarre future poles along the useless street car path.
I kind of liked them. Could they not have been permanently affixed to their location out of the bike lane? Is there a good reason to believe that the white posts won't a) also end up in the bike lines from time to time, b) be harder for cyclists to notice, and c) therefore cause more problems than the smurf turds did?
Still more waste on "art". Glad we have $440,000 in pink fighter jets too. It's almost like they know we'll vote for more spending no matter what they do with it.
but it's art! and artists need our handouts. otherwise, there would be no art.
yeah, I don't see how the posts are going to prevent dumb asses from plowing into the bike lane. at least the danger turds probably made an audible crunch. a curb would probably be better, but couldn't be continuous for accessibility reasons.
I've never understood why SDOT won't just bite the bullet and install some real concrete bollards that are seriously lagbolted into the asphalt. Anyone who rubs their motor vehicle up against a real bollard will think twice about doing that again, and any commercial driver who tries it will end up fired. Seriously, you guys, this isn't that hard.
By the way, this comment coming from someone who routinely sees vehicles trying make a left onto Green Lake Way ... in the bike lanes on Ravenna Blvd. Those white posts are good for nothing. We could use some real bollards over there, too.
Dongho Chang is a bike rider, and a city treasure.
@7: Every time a post about these blue things pops up, I ask if there is a reason no one will install bollards, as I can not find any reason why not, or if it was ever discussed.

Still wondering.
I don't think the white poles will end up in the bike lane because they are normal traffic devices. There's no aesthetic appeal to moving them. A driver may bump one occasionally, but then they just fall over, I think (seen them lying down in other areas). It seems like "pranksters" who are probably not drivers were moving these things.

The idea was nice, public art is more interesting than the same old boring stuff, but it didn't work.
@6 -- Yep. If dumb asses can run into giant blue smurf turds, they sure as hell will drive over the little white posts.

@7 -- Cost, maybe?
@7: asphalt is essentially a really really thick liquid.

if you want concrete bollard that will damage vehicles, they need to be affixed to concrete footings.

the current fix makes the vehicle driver aware that this is the edge of their space, but also deforms so no one's sheet metal is damaged. the bike lanes won't get blocked by them, either.

pretty off-the-shelf fix; how about we see if it's sufficient to the task?
Re: 13, "asphalt is essentially a really really thick liquid."

How about doing road tests on all Seattle drivers to show that they know how to parallel park without destroying anything around them in the process? Seattle drivers have to be some of the shittiest. Routinely I see drivers attempting a turn on a red light block crosswalks. Routinely I see drivers inch the nose of their cars out into an intersection waiting to proceed through or turn. Routinely I see drivers signal a turn *as* they are making a turn.