Hey #bundyeroticfanfic: There Are Actual Double-Headed Dildos At the Wildlife Refuge


Do they still make those nasty candy penii on a stick for bachelor parties? I mean, they DID ask for snacks!
Don't limit it to dildos. Flavored lubricants, edible underwear, Gay Cowboy porn, sex handcuffs, male lingerie, anything that will help YallQaeda get their 'constitution' at full strength and you can find on a budget should be considered.
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Where can one buy patriotic dildos?
That's not his first pinch-grip. No way. That man is a seasoned dick pincher.
Just send condoms--they are relatively inexpensive to get and to mail.


The patriot dildo is a large black man apparently. That ought to sit well with these asshats.
Is it illegal to mail poo?
Awwww this piece of shit thinks he's a victim of hate
@9 Yes
Tonight I purchased Bundy a gift membership in the Sierra Club and had the confirmation letter sent to the cash donation address. While bags of dicks are more fun I thought it would be better to pay for lobbyist who will push the BLM in the other direction. I did skip sending him the messenger bag free gift and told them to use the money for the environment.
how awesome!! AMERICA!! send only new, not used.
I can't decide between adult diapers and this.
Oh what fun! Let's send them more gay party packs! YAY!
Can someone tell me why these people are able to come and go to get their mail without being arrested? Or why the cops haven't just blocked all access into the refuge so these dicks essentially get starved out? Seriously, cut off electricity, water, heat, etc. and wait.
I have not used the service myself, so I cannot vouch for it, but I saw this recommended as another potential gift idea for these folks on another site:

I'm surprised no one noticed what he actually said.

Shows the dildo.

Now is the time for Patriots to come here.

Well. They have the supplies for some bundyeroticfiction! Made me laaaaaaugh.
@17 SERIOUSLY! It's the biggest WTF ever. They took (stole) one of the government's CAT tractors and used it to rip out 80 feet of the government's fencing and...then just went back in to open more boxes of dicks, completely undisturbed. It's a good thing they aren't "looters and thugs".
"I know the perfect way to discourage snarky internet people from sending me plastic dicks in the mail. I'll post a video to the Internet of me getting outraged about the dicks they're sending me in the mail. That'll do it!" - guy who doesn't get the Internet or the immature people who inhabit it
I get that we all disagree with the seemingly oxymoronic position of the ranchers occupying the refuge, but the thought of a bunch of smug assholes congratulating themselves for reducing whatever real issues might be involved into the act of sending them a bag of dicks is the one thing that makes me thinks the ranchers might actually be the superior party. Way to go, all you smug "better than thou" trolls who think being funny is more important than having an actual point of view.
@13: I LIKE it. Maybe someone can organize a donation marathon thing. Get people to pledge, so the longer Y'all Qaeda stays there, the more money the Sierra Club gets.
@21. Let's not skip the vision of someone who (I speculate) has spent thousands of dollars on guns (much more costly guns than what could reasonably be used for defense or hunting) acting dismayed over human nature when someone spends $18 in a gesture of contempt.
The point is, the LEO aren't doing squat about it, are confused and scared of the prospect of facing off against angry white men with guns. It's like looking in the mirror. The rest of the nation is fed up w/ these ass-clowns and want to do something. They pay their taxes to hire and train people to take of jerks like this, but that has failed. So they have taken the situation into their own hands, and are doing what is readily in their power: the power of ridicule and shame.

Oh, and you cops reading this? You're a bunch of fucking cowards. You need to be eating these bags of dicks along with your white rancher friends.
Seems like an expensive thing to do, sex toys are not cheap. They are also easy to dispose of. Just toss them out. Why they made a video with all these dildos, I have no idea. Seems like an obvious way to encourage more dildos.

I would just send them tons of envelopes full of glitter. Much cheaper, and much harder to dispose of. Imagine these guys doing interviews and videos with a bunch of glitter clinging to their persons.
It's pretty hypocritical of a sovereign citizen to use the post office.
@26 "Seems like an obvious way to encourage more dildos."

Could be that's what they're really looking for.
Given how butt-hurt this guy is acting, it's obvious no one is sending lube.
@28: Seems a roundabout way to acquire dildos, but hey, their fetish is not my fetish.

I am a pretty outdoorsy guy, but I can't think of any survival use for big rubber dongs. Anybody?
@30- Man doesn't live on bread alone, Theodore.
Oh and now how come no one has thought to send tampons and pads? Cheaper than dildos and sends an even more insulting message to their tiny little manhoods- "Stop ragging like bitches!"
Sending used tampons is optional...
@32 they asked for those. There are women in the compound who I guess came unprepared.
some lovely parting gifts for them to take home to remember their time there