The car may have been there at least 12 hours, but that doesn't mean the body has. RIP.
What the fuck
I wonder if they got a parking ticket while they were dead.
There's a new thrift shop on Capitol Hill?
Condolescences to family and friends of the deceased person. And please, it's not a Dead Body. Its a deceased Person or dead Person. Because would you say there was a live body found in a car? No. You'd say Person.
Did Ansel report the "no plates" claim without looking into the tinted rear windshield, where in plain view a dealer plate might be posted? Because it's causing a lot of ridiculous speculation.
@4: Out of the Closest has been open for awhile now. Related: You know that Lifelong has moved into the space that Red Light used to be in?
Stinkbug dear, I'm ashamed to admit that I haven't been on Capitol Hill in ages.
Anyone is allowed to.
No visa, no special requirements.
Go. Smile. Enjoy.
caution&daring dear, the fault is entirely my own - I'm far too fat and lazy for such an undertaking, and I hate looking for parking. However, I am very much looking forward to the light rail opening, so that I can have some stately adventures in the old neighborhood.
@4/8/10, I love you. I love you the way Australians love the royal family ---- i.e. I think everything about you is wonderful, but you have nothing to fear from me. Thank you for making SLOG so much more fun.
@11: I'm right there with you. Catalina is role model to us all.
So there's a dead body in plain view literally on the same block as The Stranger's offices and they won't notice until the SPD seals the area off.

There's a good joke here, but I'm too drunk and disinterested to craft it.
I wonder if they got a parking ticket while they were dead.

Just as ignorance of the law is no excuse, neither is inability to live.
If the "dead body" had been white, would "b-o-d-y" have been spelled more like "p-e-r-s-o-n" instead?
@15: That has got to be the single most brainlessly obnoxious thing anyone's ever said in the comments of a Stranger article, ever.

The joke is that you said "literal on the same block" when their office is almost a block and a half away. Come to think about it, it's still not that funny.
@15, I appreciated your comment.
@6: Ridiculous speculation is what The Stranger does now.

@10: How does a mannequin get fat? What does a mannequin eat? Is it like that movie "Mannequin?"

@15: I doubt it. "Dead Body" seems to be the AP trend, not "Dead Person." A valiant attempt at race baiting, if not a little over the top. Keep practicing!
"It's art"
two block radius!
I wonder if the car will be on sale after the investigation is over.
ISTM "person" is conventionally a live one, "body" a dead one. "Dead body" is redundant, no?

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