New York Daily News to Ted Cruz: Go Back to Canada


Besides giving Trump a chance to act righteous, what did Cruz mean by 'NY values"?
Nothing like a little demonization of the "other" to get people to goosestep their way to the polls to vote for you.

He meant allowing gays, atheists, blacks, Asians, Catholics, Spanish-speakers, unwed sex-having women, and Moozlims to exist and go about their lives largely unharassed by Jesus.
Manhattan has become almost nothing but condos for the fabulously wealthy.

No conservatives?

I wish.
And yet, no one stands up for the values of Latte-sipping Volvo-driving Marin County Hot Tubbers.

New York Values = Tolerance. Even for Investment Bankers married to creepy Senators.
You are so ignorant it's a bad joke.
In fact you have no idea what you meant by Cruz statement.
@4 isn't too well-informed either but at least is polite.
After 8 plus years of endless birther shit coming from the right-wing I'm enjoying the fact Ted Cruz isn't a real American. Where's the long form birth certificate you maple syrup guzzling hockey puck?!?!?!?
@2 and you are so poorly informed that you don't even use the term "dog whistle" correctly. Sheesh.
Pretty sure @2 nailed it. Used "dog whistle" correctly, posted a(n) (in)famous quote (which got the player standing ovations in Atlanta), etc.

Not sure what the backlash is. He's illustrated it exactly as it was intended to be heard.
So, Godzilla stomps on Mothra. Am I obliged to cheer?
Ok, go ahead.
Explain how my question was a dog whistle?
No one said your question was a dog whistle, cretinous dolt.
@14 - dog whistle in this context means, a coded phrase with unspoken meaning that only people on the speaker's side can hear.

So, when Cruz said the words "New York values," that was what was spoken at the level of audible hearing, but the words are loaded with the concept that people from NY are gay, Jewish, Bohemian, communists.

Which, as others have pointed out, is simply no longer true. Artists certainly can't afford to live there anymore. It's a money town.

But old stereotypes die hard.

It's why people still think of "Cap Hill" as a gay village, when it is, in fact, a collection of towers for tech workers.

So, he said New York values, but at the subsonic level, so this metaphor goes, the "dogs" could hear "dangerous liberals with funny accents"
As much as I'll talk shit about New York, I much prefer New York values to Former Confederacy values. The Big Apple may be grimy and they may have bad pizza and jackass sports teams, but it's a world-class city, and like all world-class cities, it is incessantly badmouthed by jealous conservatives from the sticks who think that you're not a Real American if your hometown has a skyline.
The last time some half-Hispanic attacked a city's values, it was neocon Linda Chavez (whom Bush tried to appoint, but Linda was employing illegal or undocumented workers for sub-minimum wage), who accused her political opponent of having San Francisco values and being a "San Francisco-styled liberal" (WTF that means?????).

Be careful, or people will begin to accuse you of having parents who were with the death squads!

Cruz is a Canuck, and that's that!

@1, @7, @11, etc... First of all, Dipshit, @2's baseball-mediocrity John Rocker quote is exactly the fuck what Southern rednecks (like those in the debate's South Carolina audience, for example) think of the Big Apple. Throw in women's libbers, gay rights, and a half dozen other boogeymen, and that's the image Cruz was hawking to the dumb fucks in the GOP base. I didn't watch the debate, so I don't know just how much sarcastic tone Cruz tried to use on the word "values," but with his smarmy, whiny voice, I'm not sure who can tell the difference anymore.
I would had used Alexander Hamilton, or even Anthony Scalia as a counter argument to Cruz's Balderdash.. Besides, Cruz has had no problem going to fundraisers in New York City...
How is it possible for someone to *not* know what Cruz meant?
@21: The wonderful land of imagination.
Akin to the derision of "Hollywood & Media Elite" by Poppy Bush long ago. You don't need a supercomputer to decode the NY reference. Fuck you, banker-suckling Cruz. Go back to Manitoba.
@17. Yeah, but 'bad pizza' in NYC -- really?
"Flyover country" not exactly a term of praise.
So everyone makes fun of everyone.
Cruz was stupid, sure but Slog readers are also stupid and racist bigoted in their own ways. More prissy, more pompous but just like Cruz.
Don't like it? Change.
I was curious and you proved my point.
Ah, the cute little troll is shooting steam again.
I don't waste my breathe, no eyes, reading what these poor examples of Presidential candidates spew out.
We love you New York.
But if you fly over country it is flyover country. Really, some people get upset when you just speak the truth.
@2 - Was that John Rocker?
@26, You had a point?

Hillary and Bernie would never be dumb enough to speak derisively about "fly-over country."
Doesn't Ted's Cruz's wife work for Goldman Sachs, the New York-iest of New York firms? Didn't Ted Cruz take a loan from Goldman when he was running for office? And wasn't this in the news, like, this week?

Ted Cruz: against New York, except that his wife is working for New York and he's taking their money.
@30: And the Republican candidates would never be dumb enough to speak derisively about "fly-over country" as well. "Fly Over" country is also land of your base voters and the undecideds.
Hi. I'm just going to wave my New York flag.
@24: Lubricated cardboard. If you want to see thin crust done right, with some crispiness to it, go to Chicago. (There's a wonderful place in Skokie called La Rosa's that I recommend.) The fact that you can bend a New York slice in half is demonstration of its insipid nature.
Trump: And I have to tell you, that was a very insulting statement that Ted made.

Awwww, did widdle Twump get a boo-boo on his bum? Whatever happened to your lack of concern for people's feewwings, hmmm? Who's a big baby now?
I don't think Canada wants him back.
I didn't even watch the debate but everyone in the office, mostly atheist and liberal and Jewish and brown and very New York was cheering for Trump. And to have a die hard Jewish gay liberal endorse Trump,you know something terrible must have happened.

I've lived in NYC for a year. I owe survivng my first 3 months without going insane to kind New Yorkers. From neighbours to roommates who took me under their wings and dragged me out of bed in the December winter to show me places to the occasional rando on the subway who saw me blubbering over maps and went with me all the way to where I needed to go to my bosses who put me with a coworker make sure I got home safely every day, New Yorkers are amazing.

Sadly, this sense of community and New York-ness is slowly getting priced out of the city with the high rent and the ever increasing cost of living. So, no worries,sooner or later, Mr. Canada may have to eat his words when all the rich conservatives move in. He's also never set foot on the streets of the Upper East Side: you can smell the stench of Republicans plus there's always some Republicans set up somewhere trying to fundraise for efforts to impeach Obama. Always hilarious to watch little old ladies hand their ass to them in the ensuing argument.

I love NYC even if I'd be more financially comfortable in Atlanta where I moved from. NYC just has a quality to it that's hard to find in other big cities(on the East Coast).
Don't judge Canada by this creep. Ya we have creeps too.
Trump standing up for New Yorkers doesn't redeem him. He is an opportunist and he took the opportunity to make himself the hero of the hour by giving the correct response to a shit statement. If he says something stupid again is he going to be considered a saint because he said the right thing here?
The whole Republican reality show going on (and ON and ON) is a joke.
Damn I am glad Canada can have a short election process because if we took as long as you guys did YOU WOULD BE PISSED TOO!
Does the rest of the world HAVE to listening to endless line of US born (and one Canadian) politician asshats say awful things over and over for years just to be president. Really!
Get rid of Cruz!
Fire Trump already!