Do newspapers have covers? Anyway, yesterday for the first time in a long time, on a Wifi-less flight from Seattle to New York, I read the entire Sunday New York Times—something I used to do religiously, something I still try to do but rarely do successfully anymore because the laptop is always open on the table and Twitter is always calling to me from my phone. Which is too bad because the best stuff is always tucked away in the bits you don't get to when don't make time to read everything. Like... until yesterday I didn't know about this guy...

The Prom, playing May 31st-June 19th at The 5th Avenue Theatre
The Prom is a musical comedy about big Broadway stars on a mission to change the world.

...he was fired as a newscaster in Green Bay, Wis., after immersing himself in 45 pounds of lemon Jell-O to simulate “the dark, lamentable plight of fruits and vegetables that wind up in some anonymous cafeteria.

...or that Bill Nye once tried to marry a crazy person (at a ceremony officiated by a rightwing, climate-science embracing anti-gay bigot!)...

Ms. Tindall... lives in Los Angeles and has had something of a colorful life outside the symphony hall. In 2007, her monthslong marriage to Bill Nye, better known as the Science Guy, was declared invalid. (The megachurch pastor Rick Warren had performed the ceremony the year earlier in front of 400 people at an entertainment conference.) Not long after, Mr. Nye filed a restraining order against her, claiming he caught her trying to poison his rose garden while clad in black clothes and a hat. Ms. Tindall said in a telephone interview that she was stressed at the time and never intended to harm Mr. Nye.

...and speaking of marriage: awwwww....

Richard James Elliott and Kevin Patrick Tobia were married Jan. 11 at the United States District Court in Newark... In their submission, the couple confessed to having been confused about how to go about proposing. They wrote: “In the absence of norms about who ought to propose to whom, we each proposed to each other—several times. The answer was always yes.”

...but the answer to this question, of course, is always no:


And in news that you probably already heard: Taiwan elected a new president this weekend—a politician who loves cats, supports gay marriage, and who is wary of closer ties to China. Oh, and this politician is a woman. So add Taiwan to the long list of countries that got around to electing female presidents/prime ministers/heads-of-state before we did—a list that includes the United Kingdom, Germany, Israel, the Philippines, India, Pakistan, Iceland, Argentina, Ireland, Latvia, Finland, Indonesia, Costa Rica, Brazil, Malta, Croatia, San Marino, and others.

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