Yesterday I Read the NYT Cover To Cover


Is that last paragraph a subtle endorsement of HRC?
Welcome to NYC!
I gotta start doing likewise.
Picking nits here, but Indonesia's President Megawati Sukarnoputri assumed the presidency after Abdurachman Wahid was forced out; she was chosen as vice president. To complicate things, her party won a plurality of the vote that year (1999) but she was so politically inept she couldn't create a coalition in the legislature that would support her; Wahid could. She proved utterly devoid of skill as a politician and was a miserable failure. Her popularity was solely based on opposition to Suharto's New Order and that she was Soekarno's daughter.
I assume Dan was in First Class; as it would be inconsiderate to have all that paper rustling and folding going on in coach.
I agree, Elizabeth Warren would make a good president.

Shillary, that creep should just go away in her Entitlement Gulfstream IV, provided by Jaime Dimon & Llloyd Blankfein.
@5, naturally. If you tried to read the paper in cattle car class the paper is 8 inches from your face. No way you could do that for hours.
I never read the whole thing. And I only do the crossword on Monday. And every month I have to haul half a pickup full of paper to the nearest free recycling location since I live 11 miles from town, and 90% of it is the NYT. Oh well Paul Krugman is worth it.
Googled "Bill Nye" and "Rick Warren" together (because WTF??) and got this…
The only plus side of travel, for me, is that I can buy the NY Times and read the whole thing. I love it! (we live in a small town; we'd have to have it mailed to us and since we only check mail a couple times a week, it's not worth it to get it). When I get thru security, first thing I do is go to the notions store and get a bottle of water, a bottle of diet coke, and a NY Times.
@9 I miss David Schmader. :(
Congratulations Taiwan. Giving the finger to China, politely, and choosing a woman.. Double Gold.
Canada's had both a female head of state and prime minister (albeit unelected and only for a few months in the latter case).

Croatia's female president is a crypto-fascist. I wouldn't be so excited just because she's a woman.
New Zealand has two female Prime Ministers. In a row.