nice to see harrell come out in the first wave for this. i don't live in district 2, but from what i gather police accountability is a huge issue in that community and especially was during the election. it's nice to see him attempt to be responsive to that issue for personal accountability sake alone, independent of it just simply being the right move to make.

and for the record, i can't stand post election burgess.
Meanwhile, Palin just endorsed Trump. This is the dumbest election in history
I've spent a little time poking around various data the City makes available and as far I can tell, there often is no codebook that provides a guide for what the codes used to report the data mean. Without any idea of what is being reported, the raw information is essential useless from a research perspective.
@5: That's worth considering. I do think it's important to start with those employees whose jobs involve enforcing public policy with force and who receive qualified immunity when they harm people or otherwise violate the law on the job. With the extraordinary authority and immunity granted police officers should come extraordinary scrutiny.
So they want EVERY complaint filed against an officer.The ONLY complaints they should get are those that were ruled JUSTIFIED.Who will pay for this.I do not care about a complaint about an officer being rude,or other pissass complaints
@7: Correct. You, I, and everyone else have the right under Washington's Public Records Act to see every complaint and every related investigative file. Agents of our government do not get to decide what is good for the people to know and what is not good for us to know.

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