King County Council Member Joe McDermott Is Running for Congress


Good. A candidate who has actually accomplished something in the public sector, rather than an opportunist hand-picked by corporate lackeys Ed Murray and Jamie Pedersen. His last name alone will get him at least 10%.
Wasn't this the plot of an Eddie Murphy movie?
why is our choice only between 2 gay men? it's homosexual tyranny!
Can't blame him for running. When the universe gives you a gift like that name you have to go for it.
Joe McDermott is the asshole who shouted at and demanded that No Youth Jail protesters be arrested en masse at an important public hearing about King County's new youth jail. There is no way I could ever vote for someone like him.…
I have been to many public meetings where people went over their time limit and the officials in charge, who were not bullies, simply turned off the mike, and did not shout out demands to arrest large numbers of people who were exercising their First Amendment rights in a public forum. Go right ahead and vote for him. I and many other people will not.
So far he's #1
If you call him "Country Joe McDermott", it's way more appealing to Real Americans.
@2 Vote Jeff Johnson, the name you know.