Mentally and morally, this individual is a lightweight, and she very much reminds me of Howard Dean:…
Now that it's an open seat, every body and her mother is considering a run for congress. I'm endorsing Walkinshaw partly because he was already running to serve the country, not to enhance his career.
The great thing about running for office that works out of Washington DC is you can be a total failure and no one will ever notice.
Now a candidate to cheer about! Pramila is a leader who can work inside and outside the system with integrity and passion to make real, lasting change that reflects our collective progressive vision. It's on!
It must be driving Kshama Sawant crazy to see all of these other politicians getting her headlines.
I will vote for the best candidate that lives in my district.
Not being in the district might be a turn off for my neighbors in Seattle City Council District 5.
It matters.
Walkinshaw is a "movement progressive" and a resident of this district. He has led on many issues that are now becoming national movements. It is not a mistake that both Clinton and Sanders have been talking up Naloxone and other lifesaving drugs!

Walkinshaw made it easier for people to get lifesaving interventions. Walkinshaw's leadership on this issue has led to it being on the national stage.

This is movement building. It is extremely strong and extremely progressive leadership that will save lives.
@5 Is there evidence that Pramila can make real, lasting change inside the system? No doubt she did good work with One America, but she's passed two bills since being elected: one created a diversity coordinator position at WSDOT and the other allows dental hygienists to take teeth impressions. Perfectly good bills but doesn't exactly scream "progressive visionary".
Sounds like canned remarks from her campaign.

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