Pledging to Work on Income Inequality and Reproductive Rights, Pramila Jayapal Launches Her Congressional Campaign


Lost my vote when she allowed Jon grant on her stage
Too much, too soon.
Damn, Stranger. Y'all are campaigning hard for her!
I like Walkinshaw, but prefer Jayapal because I'd rather be rep lord by a proven social justice fighter than just a bridge builder. Obama tried to build bridges for years, but sadly they were mostly bridges to nowhere. We'll never know what might have been if he'd stood up more strongly to the corporate criminal banks and other promoters if massive economic inequality. Ask yourself, for example what the Clintons or Obama did for affordable housing. Why do disabled people have to wait 3-4 years to get on SSI? Why didn't the EPA get clues about Flint's brain killing public water supply? The list goes on and on.
Ha. Instead of a slowing-down old guy to run against, Walkinshaw's got some very experienced opponents and now a superstar. He must feel a little dismayed.
@7, no more than any other publication does. Why does it bother you so much?
And why do you care so much?
You a pal of Jayapal?
Wait, I agree with her policies, but it's a bit strange she's leaving state senate after only a year...Any politician that asks to represent you and then leaves before the term is over is worrisome...
She certainly will fit in well in DC...she's more worried about her personal career and climbing up the lobbyist shit hole than helping the people who elected her just a few months ago. Those are the values that will move her far in Congress!!
Does Sawant know you guys are cheating on her?

I mean, you are not exactly being discreet...
Wow that is some serious shade being thrown Pramila's way. And by the usual suspects. By my math, that means she is probably doing something right. I don't know if I'll support her or not... I was all set to support Walkingshaw, and hadn't even considered Joe, but Pramila just may be dynamic enough to win this thing.

And wouldn't it be nice if we had an ethnic Indian politician with a national profile with Seattle values, instead of the train wrecks we have today: Bobby Jindal and Nikki Haley.
I am running for these core leftist beliefs, and because I want the office. Why don't politicians say that? I want to create things I can put my name on, and stay longer employed in a high salary position.

We are already have the third largest social welfare program in the world. Spending more and becoming more socialist only puts American on a plan that moves us closer to the country her parents sent her away from. Her parents sent her to the us to get a good education. Now she wants to make college free for everyone so that we can bring down the quality of education. 18-21 year olds don't need free education, they need education with purpose.
I just read about Jayapal's plan to make community college free for everyone for two years even though we don't have the money to get K-12 in order. She proposed the plan admitting that she did not know where the hundreds of millions of dollars would come from. Seriously? She thinks it is fair to pay for everyone's education if they can get a 2.0 GPA. What incentive is that? So if you barely graduate high school you should get free college? We need to stop incentivizing people to do nothing and get stuff for free. How about get a 3.0. We can incentivize students that want to learn and can't pay for it, but why waste the money on students that don't want to learn but stay in school. Those kids can pay for it themselves or join the workforce. Life isn't free and you cant give a 2.0 effort and keep a job.
What a shame Washington State doesn't have any real political reporters who investigate things like voting records, financial conflicts of interest, and personal and family affinities -- you know, to help voters distinguish opportunistic campaign talk and PR strategy from actual allegiances. That being said, Joe McDermott has declared himself a firm Hillary supporter, so he's dead to me. Brady Walkinshaw previously worked for the Gates Foundation, so I assume he's yet another "gay=progressive" Democrat -- Hi, Jamie! Hi, Ed! -- who will place Microsoft and the Gates family's financial interests above the 99%'s at every opportunity. I can't find any financial info for Pramila Jayapal at,* and they say she has refused to fill out their "Political Courage Test" (where politicians declare their political stands). I liked what she had to say at a Kshama Sawant rally I attended last summer ... but then, I also liked a lot of what Obama had to say on the campaign trail in 2008, and he turned overnight into a Frankenstein's monster made from the worst parts of Nixon, Reagan, Clinton, and Dubya. No, there really is no good substitute for good investigate reporting. I guess it's hard and that advertisers don't like it.

*Yeah, I know there's a state government database, but it's just so unpleasant to work with. Besides, I want to know whom candidates' relatives work for, how much they're paid for that work, and what they're invested in.