Episode 36 of Blabbermouth figures out what Seattles Feb. 9 Special Election is all about, busts a bogus earthquake claim, and mourns the end of the Seahawks season. (Wanna subscribe to the show on iTunes? Right here.)
Episode 36 of Blabbermouth busts a bogus earthquake claim, figures out what Seattle's Feb. 9 "Special Election" is all about, and mourns the end of Seahawks season. (Wanna subscribe to the show on iTunes? Right here.) Andrea Izzotti/Shutterstock

Blabbermouth January 22, 2016

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Here’s something I wouldn’t have known if it wasn’t my job to know: We have an election coming up! I’m not talking about the November presidential election, I’m talking about an election much sooner than that, the February 9 “Special Election” in Seattle. You had no idea, right?

Don’t worry, on this week’s show (at the 1:15 mark) Greg Wong, president of a group called Schools First, will explain the two school levy decisions we’ll be asked to make on ballots that are going to be arriving in our mailboxes… right about now.

After that (at 15:22), Seattle Times reporter and Pacific Northwest earthquake expert Sandi Doughton, author of Full Rip 9.0, is on to talk about that false earthquake alarm you may have seen going around on Facebook this week (or even here on Slog). You know, the thing about the seafloor off the coast allegedly dropping suddenly and spelling doom and all that? It was scary, but it was not true. Sandi will explain what happened.

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And then (at 28:14), Spike Friedman will be back on so that we can have a proper wake for the Seattle Seahawks and their dashed Superbowl hopes.

Plus, as always, the music of Ahamefule J. Oluo.