"Last night, on my way out of the office, I called up Blackstar on Spotify—it's okay because he's dead—and went straight to "Lazarus."

I get Spotify is mostly free but whether or not David Bowie is dead should not matter. He worked hard to create that art and yes, his heirs deserve the money his art made.
David Bowie (or I presume his agent) put both videos on Youtube.…
I cannot get this song out my head since the first time it was posted on Slog.
I have tried listening to Black Star countless times this week, and I don't get it. I wish I could get out of it what so many others are. Maybe it will fall into place someday.
I'm sorry for the loss of someone who has been incredibly influential in my life. The above image conjures up a certain feeling I get every time I eat a deluxe or even a cheeseburger. Dicks has always played a part in my life and the loss of the great individual is a loss to all humankind. Also, some others guys too: I gaze at the old, hard french fry wedged under my seat as I vaccume my car, and hear a distant angel singing Queen Bitch in the parking lot. God bless all the great folks we lost this week. Message to you all: Rest In Peace.
David Bawy, Dude who started Dicks, Eagles Guy. You were all our Dads.
Weed is a helluva drug
@3, it's not terribly melodious or pretty, I agree. And the tempo is like shifting sand. That's why I can't believe how it's lodged in my brain so hard. How about the beautiful little refrain in the middle?
It's a really hard album to listen to, knowing that he planned it as his final goodbye. But it's also a really amazing piece of work.
@8, and his voice didn't even sound old or sick. So sad we lost him in what was maybe his musical prime, judging by this album. Thank you for this parting gift, gender-bending, generous, non-racist, Spacemanofmyheart.
"It Was A Pity She Was A Whore" is such a strange sounding track compared to everything else.

It was a pitEEEEEEE she was a Huuuaahhhhh

It throws me off from the entire album
you saw the moon through some trees. cool.
@9: i love me some Bowie, but if you think this was his musical prime, you've haven't been paying attention since 1980.
Has the Stranger mentioned the dark side of Bowie's legacy at all?…
@12, fair enough.
I have been mesmerized by the heartbeat in the Blackstart track. And listening to it slowly die off at the end just crushes me.
@15: *Blackstar
@15, On the video, when that skeleton is floating in outer space...ouch! My heart!
The title track is amazing. I'm not quite ready for the rest of the album just yet.
I've listened to it once through and it was hard, but got easier as I went along. I've been going back through the Berlin albums, and there are some definite similarities. The man liked a cacophonous saxophone solo for one thing. :)
He was an amazing and important artist, and I feel really lucky that I got to see him live, and really lucky to have had him as an influence in teens and twenties.
My Aunt passed away a week ago, she said David Bowie was coming to get her, that made us all feel better. :')
I love those moments, they're special. Glad you looked up.

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