Bikram Yoga Founder Has to Pay $6.4 Million to a Woman He Sexually Harassed, Jury Says


Namaste motherfuckers!
He's also been accused of rape by six different women. So, when are Seattle's yoga studios going to stop paying him license fees to use the "Bikram" name?
I like hot yoga -- I didn't know it was licensed -- and sometimes do it during cold dreary days.
@1 - that's Namaste Bitchez.

How -and I say this as someone who does non-spiritual yoga for stretching - is this even remotely a surprise to anyone? So.Much.Scam with "enlightenment exercise". Psuedo-spiritual cult of personality, the perfect means for narcissistic megalomaniacs.
This would explain why I'm seeing "Hot Yoga" more and "Bikram Yoga" less. My LMP training suggests to me there are lymphatic and musculoskeletal benefits to hot stretching, and getting an asshat and quite possibly rapist's name out of any legitimate practice seems like a good thing to me.
Bikram is to yoga as SGKomen is to women's health.