Real men don't have to invent fantasy stories about being decorated combat vets...
Wait...ANTI-trans? He does realize he's going to get furious hell for this from the Puget Sound area right??

I feel like I just got teleported to Kentucky.
As a Jew, I personally endorse this use of the term "blood libel". It fits.
@2: Just because we're an oasis from the rest of the state doesn't mean he won't have support from within the area. Plenty of hatemongers, homophobes, and racists of all ages live here too.
Hopefully people are working that point in at the hearing.
Having someone prohibit me from using a public toilet sounds like the very worst anxiety dream I can imagine. What's next a bill to make trans people take a math test they haven't studied for? Deliver an extemporaneous speech naked?
Public opinion has shifted rapidly on trans issues, though there is still a long way to go. I wish it were sooner, but I don't think we will see full federal protections for trans individuals within the next ten years.

I think it will be much like the last ten years of the marriage equality fight. As public acceptance tips past 51% the troglodytes will totally flip their lids and make stupid and vicious legislative attempts to codify oppression of trans people. Bolstered by a campaign of lies and slander, some truly heinous bills will pass. Legal battles will ensue with some losses, increasing wins, and eventually--after a pointless and protracted fight--we will decide it is alright to treat other human beings with respect and decency.

It is a damned shame that people have to suffer while a large chunk of this society figures out how to actually do unto others like that guy they're always going on about said to, but I have no doubt we'll get there.
I assume this shatters the previous 1st World Problems record.
The party of small government will soon be posting guards at all public restrooms asking to inspect your birth certificate and your genitals before allowing you to enter.
@9 I know! How do they enforce it!
@9 - It's even worse than that, since the bill states that your DNA has to match the sex of the bathroom. So even if your genitals match those suggested by the sign on the door you're not supposed to go in if your chromosomes don't align. Of course, last I checked we don't mark bathrooms with "Penis" and "Vulva", but with "pants-person" and "skirt-person", so genital configuration has never actually been a signifier of which bathrooms to use, but rather outward expression of gender. But I digress.

If you're a woman with a Y chromosome, or a man without one, this bill would like you to kindly go fuck yourself (in the wrong bathroom).
@11 Yeah, the actual letter of the law is totally unrealistic. What *is* realistic is the law being used solely on trans people who don't 'pass' as the gender they're presenting as. This is I think is the most insidious part. It's not even really about all trans people, just those people (trans or not) who don't clearly look like a man or a woman
Have they thought this through? Even on their own terms, this bill says "we want people of male appearance coming into women's bathrooms -- if women in the bathroom are unsure whether a male-appearing person should be there, ask to see their genitals."

If anything encourages creepy male bathroom behavior, that's it right there: knowing they can freely walk in and dare women to ask them to expose themselves.
#11 Oooh good point. Sounds like a slam dunk equal protection claim for a plaintiff born intersex.
Note: This bill passed out of committee 4-3 tonight. It will go to the Senate floor for a vote. It will likely pass the Senate. We have things bottled up in the House - but even there Democrats will be under pressure to hold a hearing on the 4 bills that have emerged this session.
How sad and profoundly wrong it is to propagate the myth that trans women commit acts of violence on cis women in bathrooms. Cis MEN are the perpetrators of the vast, overwhelming majority of all crimes, everywhere on this planet. Here are the stats for the U.S.…

In the interest of compassion and justice, Governor Inslee should veto this bill if it makes it to his desk.
#11, you misread that bill a little. It specifies male/female DNA, but not XX/XY hormone pairings. Male/female is a legal designation. Any trans person who had their gender legally changed has the DNA of that changed gender, by law. This proposal is so poorly worded it demands some people do the very thing it tries to stop.
It's about education. Caitlyn, despite being related to an unfortunate soap opera, has helped open the door for greater acceptance of Trans* people, by the common folk.
Movies and TV shows are also helping open people's minds.
We have lots of uni sex toilets here in Aus. I've not heard of rapes occurring.

These guys just make up stories and keep fuelling fear with their stupidity.
I've never understood this bizarre belief that a man would spend years in therapy, thousands of dollars, and risk losing his job, his relationships, and even his home, just so he can do something he could do without reenacting are really bad version of Bosom Buddies.

I mean if a guy wants to assault a women in a public bathroom he can DO that. Ladies Rooms are not equipped with some force-field that keeps people with a Y-chromosome out.
@17: you can't change someone's DNA by law. That's impossible.

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