Airport to Uber: Show Us the Data, or No Contract for You


Uber says: We're a ride-sharing company! But we're not a taxi company in the business of giving people rides, it's our non-employees (whose lives we control like employees) who do the sharing! But don't regulate us like a business because we're just an app! An app for sharing data! But we won't share data with you or anyone else outside of our business!
Practically speaking... why do they need a contract? How would anyone distinguish an Uber/Lyft driver from the countless other cars picking up relatives or whatnot?
@1 - Yeah, that. Fuck Über, what a horrible mememememe company.
Do you mean to say that Uber's claims to reduce carbon emissions over regular car traffic are bold lies? I am shocked. As if they gave a ff about carbon emissions anyway. If their services reduced emissions it'd be incidental, which is obviously no way to develop the transportation sector nowadays.
In addition to Uber "Black", "SUV", and "Select", there are at least a few UberX drivers -- contracted "Q Taxis" -- that can legally pick up within the Sea-Tac geofence (I used one last night, without any shenanigans).
Fuck Uber.

Take the light rail to the airport.
@2 There's an invisible fence around the airport that won't let you request an uberX. The screen will say "NO CARS AVAILABLE." Move that slider in the app to UberBLACK or SUV and there will be cars. Pro Tip! take a free shuttle to the rental car place or a nearby hotel and request uberX from there.
@6 Mind your business. Me getting in a uber or my buddy's car doesn't make any difference to you if you're on the light rail.
We should just start calling them Unter.
(Or Ünter, to keep with the recognizable diacritical, although it is technically incorrect, Germanically-speaking).

Ünter... off-loading externalities (like commercial car insurance, & vehicle repair, & changing gas prices) onto our non-employees, who we pay poorly, and who we use to depress the wages of ALL taxi & taxi-like services everywhere! Ha Ha!

The App-Creators get paid, everyone else gets played!

Capitalism for the win!
@8 - It does if my friend or relative is a taxi driver. Scab-enabler.
No data, no contract, a pretty clear message from the Port. Too bad the city doesn't know how to say no and set limits, much like what you have to do with a child that is crawling. And Simmons--obviously hasn't ridden in a taxi for the last 20 years, at least not enough to notice the color of most of the drivers.
Forcing them to deadhead is greener? Bullshit.