The bigoted Republican asshole pushing an anti-trans bathroom bill through our state legislature won himself some added media scrutiny—and he's being rewarded with headlines like the one above, which appeared in today's Seattle Times. Seems to me that someone might wanna have a word with the bigoted Republican asshole attempting to push a less consequential, less lethal anti-pride-flags-on-state-ferries bill through our state legislature:

If state Rep. Brad Klippert has his way, no other flag besides the Stars and Stripes, the Washington state flag and maritime signal flags will fly over state ferries. The Kennewick Republican has introduced a bill that would end the state ferry system’s practice of occasionally flying other flags. They have included “12” flags in support of the Seattle Seahawks and the one that raised Klippert’s ire, a rainbow-striped flag symbolizing gay pride. “I have no problem with the Seahawks flag,” Klippert told the Herald on Wednesday. “People across all policy beliefs support our Seahawks, but that is not true for gay pride flags.”

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Makes you wonder wonder what might be lurking in Brad Klippert's closet.

The bill calling for the repeal of the state's new regulations—regulations that allow trans people to use the appropriate restroom—sadly cleared a senate committee yesterday after hours of testimony. This is a dangerous move on the part of the state legislature—a move that will make trans men and women less safe than they already are while providing no additional protections for women, cis or trans, who might be assaulted in public restrooms.