The Jungle
The Jungle. SPD

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Seattle Times Reports That the Two People Killed in The Jungle Were There for Drugs: "Most likely, it was drugs," reports Mike Carter, citing interviews with family members of the victims. James Tran had recently sought drug treatment outside of Washington, while Jeannie Zapata had reportedly lived in The Jungle for years.

The One Night Account of the Region's Homeless Population Happened Last Night: Dozens of volunteers fanned out across King County to count how many people are living in the streets. KIRO 7 profiled a few of them, including one man who said he's seeking drug treatment and hates the stigma attached to being homeless.

The Catholic Clergy Who Abused Native Americans: Attorney Vito de La Cruz represents many Native American victims of abuse by dioceses around the Northwest, including in Yakima and Montana. In an interview with KUOW, he reminds us that "Catholic boarding schools that forcibly took Native children from their families operated until the late 1960s... his has left a profound wound in the community, and the Catholic Church still has a substantial presence among Native Americans in the Northwest."

Former Seattle Police Officer Acquitted of Child Molestation Charges: Officer Eric Smith, a longtime motorcycle cop, retired in June 2014 after criminal charges were filed against him in Snohomish County. The daughter of Smith’s ex-girlfriend had accused him of molesting her, but she later recanted, according to the Seattle Times.

Democrats Accuse Republicans of Doing Nothing About Education Funding: In the State House, Democratic Floor Leader Sen. Christine Rolfes accused Republicans of watering down a plan to fix the state's unconstitutional non-funding of public education problem to the point where it “makes zero commitment to … increased state funding for the public schools, at all.”

Environmentalists have staged plenty of protests about oil trains, but what about oil-carrying tugboats out on Puget Sound?
Environmentalists have staged plenty of protests about oil trains, but what about oil-carrying boats out on Puget Sound? Ansel Herz

What Happens If There's an Oil Spill in Puget Sound? It'd be like "drowning a person who already had been dying of the proverbial thousand cuts," writes Robert McClure. Last year, new regulations of on-water oil transport were stripped from a bill that also dealt with the increased number of oil trains passing through the state, even though increasing amounts of oil are being shipped on tugboats pulling barges, which aren't as heavily regulated as oil tankers.

State Republicans Are On a Roll This Week: "Weakening plans to address education funding, trying to prevent trans people from being able to use the bathroom, claiming the state should "quarantine" other cities from wage increases. Still, even amid all that, they found time to deal their latest blow to reproductive health care providers," Heidi reports. And they refuse to use the phrase "Planned Parenthood" even when talking about resolutions condemning attacks on Planned Parenthood clinics.

The Corner of 23rd and Union Is Going to Change Drastically: “We’re still pushing for a vision that the property can be redeveloped as a heritage-rich development, that it’s inclusive, and that the legacy and presence of the African-American community in Seattle is represented,” Central District activist Wyking Garrett tells Capitol Hill Seattle. “We’re very optimistic about that corner.”

That Republican Debate Last Night: "Megyn Kelly says that was a 'debate for the ages,' by which I think she means that only old people watched," reports Matt Baume.