A Map That Covers 500 million Light-Years and Contains 100,000 Galaxies


Bring a towel.
Cool Charles!
Good Afternoon Charles,
Well put. I concur.
Charles, physics really isn't your strong point. We're already moving particles at the speed of light squared. While distance is an issue, FTL travel via Alcubierre's method is now considered a mechanical hurdle away from reality. Once we can access and work with extremely heavy materials or expand our understanding of quantum principles, we'll be able to go to the Andromeda Galaxy in under a week.
And that's just us. Any species even 1,000 years ahead of us in tech could do these things casually.
@4 watches too much SF. Even in the best case the Alcubierre Drive requires a form of matter that doesn't exist. There will be no FTL.

On top of that, we're evolved for the planet and the only way to travel is to make a mini version of the planet, which would require resources and energy at scales that, if we could achieve it, would mean that we also have the resources and energy to not need to tour the galaxy.
Charles, just read your second sentence again. Do you not have an editor?
@6: Such a stream-of-consciousness chain of clauses, spiced with parenthetical tangents, is so like Charles I didn't even notice.

I highly doubt there are editors at The Stranger. They are disappearing in publsihing. I miss having an editor in my work. Sad. The joy of writing is actually re-writing.

LOL @4.

He probably got it out of an old Star Fleet Tech manual...
This brightens the walls of my newsroom. Thank you, Charles.
@4: What those guys said.
dude what