Just another typical day at Stranger HQ.
Just another typical day at Stranger HQ... or IS IT?

Tomorrow and/or Wednesday night, when you're watching the profile of our very own Eli Sanders on Q13's evening news, you may see footage of the noted author here at the home office of the Stranger's worldwide media conglomerate. This footage was captured today, on the eve of the publication of Mr. Sanders's heartbreaking(ly good) book While the City Slept: A Love Lost to Violence, and a Young Man's Descent Into Madness (Viking, $28), available tomorrow at fine booksellers near you. (You can pick up your copy at Town Hall on Wednesday night, when Eli will be joined in conversation by Jennifer Hopper, the subject of the book and of the original Stranger story that inspired it, and KUOW's Marcie Sillman.)

Undoubtedly, the intention of this clip will be to give a visual representation of Mr. Sanders's work habits—a Pulitzer-winning journalist beavering away at his standing desk, perhaps getting ready to blow the lid off of another explosive news story. What the profile WON'T show you, what only the Stranger has both the courage and the access to reveal, is the actual text that Eli was actually typing as the camera rolled. I've included a screenshot of the email after the jump.

You won't believe what happened next.

This is what Eli Sanders was typing as the camera rolled:


While the city slept, INDEED!

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On sale tomorrow.
On sale tomorrow.