January Was the Month of Slashings in New York City's Subway


No one was slashed in their own car.
"capital" in the last paragraph should be "capitol"
Just wait until those Syrian refugees get here:


This has to be one of the worst Mudede stories yet. We're talking one (admittedly long) sentence destroying the entire premise of the argument bad.

Why do you think the listed murder rates in one of the world's largest underground locations and collections of homeless are accurate when no similar location on the planet has accurate murder statistics, and base your entire story on such a singularly absurd and easily questioned statistic?

This goes beyond poor journalism. This is "Have you been checked for presenile dementia, because your view of the world doesn't seem to come close to the view of anybody else on the planet." concerning. This type of ignorance and tunnel vision is rarely seen in America outside of evangelicalism. Did you not have your coffee? What gives?
the population of New York is 8.4 Million. it doesn't seem probable that 160 million people rode the subway in January. I think you want to say something like 160 million trips are taken on the subway every month or something. IDK what is up with this article...
5) that is assumed. that is what's meant by customers or ridership. 2) Paris, Capital of Modernity: David Harvey 4) ?
It's a new journalistic art form.
Think Dada or Conceptual Art.
Mudede is breaking ground with Absurdism.
#6, you really don't get that? I'll try to explain.

Every piece of "data" you roll out is questionable, due to inaccuracies in reporting and assumptions made in gathering that data. Safest month on record for the system? I'd like to see objective evidence of that. As long as there are unreported homeless people in NYC's underground, that statement cannot legitimately be made. "Deaths in the underground are alarming because they rarely happen." Says who? People live and die in the NYC underground without ever being noticed. Their bodies rot in silence. Nobody knows how rare deaths in the underground are. Nobody can know. But you talk about this like it is some kind of settled science instead of the damn lies of statistics.

Every number, every line you toss out there is a subjective, questionable, slanted and skewed view, built on top of another. There is no truth in your story at all. It is literally smoke and mirrors, worded to try and masquerade as substance.

#8 has your number. As a Dadaist, your attempts to look like me offend me. Absurdism is to be used to fight the lies and veneers of corporatism (look at European Dadaist film), not to support their corporatist assertions. You subvert my meme with your surrealism, good sir.
Good Morning Charles,
Well, whatever interpretation one makes of its cause, it is a horrifying trend. Speaking of horrifying, I just read this in the morning paper:


Chicago had 51 homicides in January! That's ghastly. While it is most unfortunate in general, I think it greatly unfortunate for the American "big city". It is senseless and uncivilized to have these kind of numbers. Bloody sad.
@9 - I'll admit that there's a lot of hustle and bustle in the NYC subways, but I'm pretty sure people would notice a rotting, dead homeless guy during the morning commute, no matter how homeless the guy looked.
@6: I think when we evaluate safety, it makes more sense to measure people rather than rides. Based on your figures, my chance of being stabbed to death on a single ride is about one in 33 million. But if I am a daily commuter taking 500 rides a year, my chances of being killed this year are about one in 65 thousand. That's the number I care about in deciding if my commute is safe.
In 2014, King County Metro had 120 million transit boardings, 29 passenger assaults (using a method of counting updated in 2006 and 2014), and no reported deaths.

From those numbers, we can infer 10 million transit boardings were in January and about 2.41 assaults in that month (vs Charles' NYC 160 million and 7 stabbings)

King County metro... you're more likely to be assaulted than NYC but nobody dies.

"No one was slashed in their own car."


No. Only 1.3 million people die in road crashes each year, on average 3,287 deaths a day. Another 20-50 million are mutilated and maimed every year.

But slashed? Only when your face goes through the windshield.
#11, you'd be wrong. The homeless of NYC don't live in the terminals, but deeper into the tunnels than maintenance crews and cops go. Nobody notices. Most people in NYC don't even care. Since the homeless and/or dead person isn't seen on their morning commute, as far as the average businessman is concerned that isn't even a person.