Today In Presidential Hopefuling


This is all pretty damn hilarious. Kids fighting on the playground is a good metaphor, but these actions are literally, what little kids do when they can't get their way. I hope Christie challenges Rubio to a fight at the flagpole after school.

The root of the Sanders/Clinton debate issue is that Clinton, behind in the N.H. polls, wanted an extra debate in N.H. to try to boost her popularity. Naturally, Sanders refused unless there could be extra debates elsewhere as well, which Clinton was not happy about.
what a clusterfuck. some "deep bench" you've got, GOP.
To paraphrase The Donald: 'Illegal stealing - no, make that all stealing - is BAD.'

Who else dares to take such a boldly ethical stance?
And Fiorina?
I honestly am starting to feel bad for Jeb! You can make fun of him for being a silver-spoon entitled preppie all you want - and certainly, those characterizations are accurate enough - but no one likes to screw up something they were once confident they could do. It's gonna take him years to recover from this, like it did for Al Gore.

At least he seems like a human being, unlike lizard-alien Christbot Cruz.
I love Trump. I mean it's time to face it kids, our country is entering the end game and Trump is the choice for a very entertaining start of the collapse. VOTE TRUMP!! Bring on the END!!!
I honestly am starting to feel bad for Jeb!

Just remember all the shit he has pulled and don't.
Where are the quotes from?
Bush/Please Clap 2016
Breaking news: Santorum pulling out
@10: I think you meant "Pulling out; santorum"
Let us observe a moment of silence to remember the victims of the Santorum Surge.
Still "tee-hee"'ing over "santorum" - kids will be kids!
I'll have to read thru this post in stages. Wtf? Cruz and Trump.. Such upstanding men. This is stuff that movies are made of, except it's not a movie. These idiots really are behaving like this.
Poor Jeb; Please Clap or is that Please Crap. Sorry boy, before you opened your mouth, your brother took you down.
I too feel a little bad for Jeb! but I like to think I see secret relief in his face too. Like he didn't really want to be president he just ran because of family pressure and now he's embarassed but kinda relieved he won't have to go through it.