Mayor Proposes Doubling the Housing Levy, Including More Money to Help Renters on the Verge of Homelessness


No, middle class can open SF zoning at no cost.

This bond issue just a transfer of middle-class income to non-profit housing industry to support Murray & other pseudo-liberals. Won't do damn thing for homeless.

How about some median income housing in Seattle? Or are we just pushing for a two tiered society where you have the wealthy and the low wage earners living near by to serve the wealthy?
Property tax levies to come:
- Climate change levy
- Income inequality levy
- Black Lives Matter levy
- Childhood obesity levy
@3: its not like we could have a progressive income tax that would alleviate the need for levies and high sales taxes.

my take is that this will help several years down the road. we need new shelters, huge ones, and immediately.
So, is Mayor Murray STILL sitting on the fraudclosure study?…

Also, for those really interested in the Real Economics of low cost housing:…

No. Hell No. Sorry Mayor, middle class says no more increases. Not to mention the future renters who will see their rent go up due to the taxes. Yes renters this affects you too. Just place that percent on top of your next rent check. If the people of Seattle actually want to live in the city we have got to tell the mayor to stop raising taxes on middle class. Seattle times recently had an article saying Seattle had the sixth highest median amount paid by home owners out of the top 50 largest cities. That isn't the super wealthy paying for these changes, it is the middle class. Of coarse the cities that were higher were all California cities except Austin Texas.

Please stop taxing the middle class. I don't want to move to the suburbs.
"middle class says no more increases"

Well, we'll see about that after this school levy election, won't we?
I say yes on higher taxes in Seattle. If we raise the taxes in Seattle enough, maybe all the liberal hipsters will go back to whatever shithole they moved here from.


I mean. Boo. No taxes.

*Looks furtively left and right*
$145 million in new money over seven years (not counting inflation) is a dinky amount of money considering the magnitude of Seattle's affordable housing problem. It is also far less than what the City and Seattle Parks are planning to spend on the Central Waterfront makeover once the Viaduct is gone, less than total spending by all sources on each of our existing stadiums and the new basketball stadium currently in the works. That being said, if it were up to me I wouldn't give the Seattle Housing Authority $0.01 of this money after the way they sold out by merely replacing the existing low income housing at Yesler Terrace, as if the number of very low income people, not to mention homeless people, is not increasing by double-digit percentages every year. It was also pathetic to see SHA threaten people with 400% rent increases last year. Instead, I would double or triple the amount of this housing levy give all the money to LIHI, Compass, Plymouth and other low income housing developers who are doing good work.
I'm voting NO on all School Levies. And No on the Housing levy. The city, not the people should pay for the mayor's pet projects.