The Seattle Times: Bout that racially coded action!
The Seattle Times: 'Bout that racially coded action! lev radin /


Exactly one week after writing about this whole debacle, there's this:

Really? Because a) "classy" is a bullshit word predicated on the existence of an aristocracy to begin with—one that was hurled against Richard Sherman last year, and b) if you are going to use the word, well, his announcement was nothing if not elegant. Or poignant.

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One imagines that multiple editors were involved in editing of the column, the writing of the headline, and the decision to place it in the biggest story slot on the homepage. Just one week ago, the Times publicly shared editor Kathy Best's apology for the non-apologies that were made by various writers and editors to musician Hollis Wong-Wear for calling her a "sidekick."

"I wish I could be of more help, but we will have to go with no comment from the Times," said spokesperson Lauri Hennessey today.