Atasha Manila is now serving fish tacos and fierceness every Wednesday at Beacon Hills Baja Bistro.
Atasha Manila is now serving fish tacos and fierceness every Wednesday at Beacon Hill's Baja Bistro. Courtesy Atasha Manila

If you are missing the homey Filipino food of the recently closed Inay's Asian Pacific Cuisine, well, I'm sorry to say, I can't help you there. (Although I do recommend hitting up Beacon Hill's Kusina Filipina or Pike Place Market's Oriental Mart for an adobo or sinigang fix.)

However, if you are missing the experience of being served and sung to by the charmingly bejeweled, aggressive, and food-scented drag queen Atasha Manila, I have good news.

You can now find Atasha at Baja Bistro (along with delicious chili rellenos, fish tacos, mole enchiladas, housemade tortillas, and from-scratch margaritas) every Wednesday night at Baja's Super Gay Wednesdays.

"I start at 7:00 p.m.," Atasha wrote in an e-mail. "I do a number at the bar, and after that go to the main dining room and give it some more! [It's the] same old crazy Atasha performances at an even gayer place!!!"

At Baja, owner Oscar Castro, just like Inay's owner Ernie Rios, has created a restaurant that's also an inclusive community space open to everyone in the diverse Beacon Hill community—and beyond. But there's no guarantee these business will be around forever, so go support them while you can, along with your neighborhood drag queen.

"Tipping is important!," Manila reminds us. "Drag queens love money. Drag is expensive and we have bills to pay!"

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