Chris Christie Is Returning to New Jersey; No Bridge Is Safe


Do you want to start a Slog Poll about how long it will be until Christie gets indicted by the Feds? I give it about 90 -120 days.
Funny thing is, as truly horrible as Chris Christie is as a governor, as a person, and as a candidate, I'd rather have him than any remaining GOP candidate excepting Kasich. That's how horrible the GOP is. Catalina is right.
Some good facts about Christie in there -- but was all that Jersey hate really necessary?
He was actually my favorite of all those freaks...I was hoping he would stay in it until the bitter end.
Total asshole, but definitely not a robot. Disagree with almost everything he says, but he redeemed himself in the Rubio robospeech takedown. New Jersey is tough, it can take shit from foofy Seattle tykes.
@5: They're tough, but unable to pump their own gas. How's that work?
Can understand his marijuana stance. Can you _imagine_ what he'd look like if he got the munchies?
You heard it here first:

He knew he was quitting the race. He made a deal, or deals, to take out Rubio on his way out.

He's the lead for VP...
Nothing says "presidential" like a small tantrum as you leave the stage, Jeb!

It's unfortunate that there seems to be no chance he'll land the GOP nomination (though fortunate for America of course, as he might actually present a challenge to the eventual Dem). He seems like the most human person up on that GOP stage. Between this and the video where his phone/watch went off in the middle of a meeting, he comes off pretty likable, if a bit dopey and peevish.
Copyedit note: Senator Loretta Weinberg, as a woman, is a widow and not a widower.