We recently had ourselves the beefiest week EVER. While some beefs fade away, other beefs die hard. Here are some updates on resolved, latent, and ongoing beefs.

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Wiz enjoying victory and his cool pants
  • Wiz enjoying victory and his cool pants

RESOLVED BEEF: Wiz vs. Kanye
Recap: Kanye West has renamed his upcoming self-described "album of the life" (as opposed to album of the year) three times so far (WAVES, SWISH, and So Help Me God). Wiz Khalifa questioned the name WAVES due to its similarity to the WAVY movement. This unleashed 30-plus angry tweets from Kanye that were peppered with some nice compliments, like one tweet in which Kanye admired Wiz's "cool pants."
Update: Kanye deleted the rant, citing a need for positive energy. Wiz told Power 105.1 that Kanye called him to apologize, and that they are working on being friends. This is perhaps the best possible means of beef resolution.

??? BEEF: B.o.B. vs. Neil deGrasse Tyson & Spherical Earth
Recap: Flat-earther B.o.B. entangled himself in a scientific beef with real-life scientist Neil deGrasse Tyson and released a dis track "Flatline" (which also denies the Holocaust).
Update: Tyson's nephew shot back with his own dis track, "Flat to Fact," which elicited no apparent response from B.o.B. While there's no active beefing at the moment, it doesn't appear that this beef has been resolved. Let's call this one a latent beef.

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ONGOING BEEF: "Ghost vs. Peter Pan"
Recap: Pharma bro and all-around butthole Martin Shkreli bought the only copy of Wu-Tang Clan's album Once Upon a Time in Shaolin. Shkreli, who is about as threatening as Power Puff Girls villain Mojo Jojo, took offense that Ghostface called him a "shithead" and released a video of him and his cronies sass-talking the rapper.
Update: Today Ghostface released his own video response in which he calls Shkreli and his friends the "Rice Krispy Gang" (Snap, Crackle, and Pop), and likens the price-gouging dummy to Peter Pan.
BEEF WINNER: Although this beef is ongoing, Ghostface wins by default