Could the Federal Trade Commission Ban Gay "Conversion Therapy" for Good?


The city of Cincinnati also recently banned conversion "therapy", much to the chagrin of the religious bigots represented by "Citizens for Community Values".
Curious, how can any therapy be banned if there's a constitutional right of assembly and free speech?
@2 It's pretty simple. If you're offering a service for a fee which cannot possibly deliver what you're advertising it does, that's consumer fraud.

That said, there's a horrible and unclosable loophole in these proposed regulations. An ordained priest or minister (or rabbi, imam, etc.) can, in the practice of their religion, "counsel" members of their flock. That "counseling" can include "therapy" which is complete and utter bullshit but is absolutely protected by the First Amendment guarantee of freedom of religion.

But, at least then, you know the bullshit is coming from a religion and not a supposed medical or psychological professional.
"That same year, former New Jersey governor Chris Christie signed a bill banning therapists from attempting to force their patients to change their sexual orientation."

This is one of the few good things Christie has done as governor of my state, but, sadly, his tenure as governor is not as "former" as one might wish.
@4 !!!! Thank you for catching. My brain short-circuited.
@2: The same reason a doctor can be sued if he tells you to drink a gallon of bleach to cure your cold. Free speech is not a catch-all right to say or do anything you want.