Washington State Fines Two Marijuana Growers For Using Prohibited Pesticides


"...in both cases, the investigations were prompted by third-party complaints. "

Curious who the third-party were.
Likely people sensitive to very toxic pesticides.
They also don't mention the main pesticide that the LCB had a major problem with that is not on the "approved" list is an FDA approved pesticide that is widely used in all states that rec MJ is legal. And the fact that the approved pesticides that the state wants producers/processors to use, creates an incredible high amount of microbials that is tested for before the weed can be sold. The state pretty much created a catch 22 in this case. Use approved pesticides that will fail all testing to be sold ?, or use another pesticide that will pass use testing and be cracked down because it's not on the list ? If only the state consulted actual growers and figured out what it takes to make weed before passing the law, would they have found that their laws are overzealous and ridiculous
Mazzacani, you act as if there is an abundance of legal states in which to get information from. 4 legal states still writing and adopting initial rules shows there are ZERO states that actually know what they are doing just yet. There also seem to be quite a few producers/processors that seem to be mitigating similar issues within the rules defined by the state. I guess these other producers/processors aren't actual growers by your definition?
Great Work Tobias Coughlin-Bogue: This is an issue that has been with us since the earliest days of indoor gardening. It's hard to keep a clean space. Pathogens such as Mites, Powdery Mildew, Root Aphids etc, etc, thrive, once established, in this environment. Filling Warehouses full of weed is a recipe for disaster if you can't keep your garden environment in balance. Every grower knows this and every grower has experienced, at one time or another, the big HIT. This is when pathogens become so bad that you either have to sacrifice the garden, which is always hard, or you have to spray with oils and/or pesticides, sometimes up to the day of harvest. YUK. This weed always sucks. It's hard to say to someone "chop down and begin again!" But sometimes that just has to be done. For many big growers systemically treating your gardens with poison has become standard practice. It's easier, especially when you consider yourself to big to fail. Self regulation does not work when the stakes are this high. These tests will become the new norm. If you want your product on the shelves then it will be held to higher standard. This is the future of legal weed.

And in response to Gorodnitsky's comment that he only used these pesticides on his "Medical" grows - The real Medical growers are the ones who truly love this plant for its healing properties. They become well versed in true living organics, probiotics, biodynamics and they would never pass poison off as medicine. We should all have access to this plant. If each and every one of us had the "legal" right to grow our own flowers, we could make our own medicine in the form of a topical or a tincture; we could infuse oils which enhance the flavor of our food; we could juice the young leaves which is excellent way to relieve stomach discomfort. All this is fun and easy to do. The only thing that made it hard was Prohibition. We cannot let Regulation become the new Prohibition. Washington State needs a home grow. It's time we all stopped fighting for our right to grow this plant for ourselves. It's time we all sit back and enjoy the new world that is unfolding.

To be continued:
And This dear friends is why we need to pass the bills in the state legislature that will allow Adults to grow their own, well 6 anyway. Contact your Rep's and tell them to support the Bills.
If they're so worried about pesticides, why don't med smokers just go buy recreational herb? That stuff is tested to the moon.

@ilikefood re-read the article. you missed the mention of two recreational brands effected.