Ted and Heidi Cruz Worship the God of Freedom, Individual Liberty, and Jew Hunting


since god already sent a hunter and it didn't work, he switched back to grace?

god is such a flibberdigibbet.

I honestly hadn't given Cruz much thought until I heard his Iowa victory speech, That was WAY too Jesusy for me. I'd take trump over that mess any day.
His name is Rafael Eduardo Cruz. We had to suffer through the years of Barack HUSSEIN Obama, I think we can deal with Rafael Eduardo Cruz as well.
...but the God of Christianity is the God of freedom, of individual liberty, of choice

Ha ha ha, what? Has he ever even skimmed the Bible?
A picture of Hitler to associate with Cruz,
Dan. Ouch.
In my experience, the ones professing christianity the loudest know the least about christianity.
@3 Catalina, dear, his campaign logo is a direct rip off of the Pentecostal Church's "tongues of fire" logo. Yet Cruz professes to be a Southern Baptist. He's playing to the entire Jesus crowd.
Darwin's Origin of Species wasn't published until 1859. Who here thinks that the Founding Fathers would have had a much different view of the Bible and of Christianity had it been published in 1759 instead?
People are laughing at these fascists. They used to laugh at the other guy as well.
So I guess when Ted Cruz was talking about "New York City values" that was code for "Jewish." Well, that's terribly unsettling.
"IHOP -- we don't serve pancakes, we serve hate!"
@1: I'm a Jew and I'm basically the straight equivalent to a gay bear. I'm in!
@12: Haven't you watched "The West Wing"? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KbgoAchO…
Er - correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't this guy not only disgusting, but also factually wrong? Afaik converting didn't help jack squat since it was ethnicity, not faith, that got Jews sent into the KZs. Not that he's not a sad waste of perfectly good oxygen either way.
@7 Try reading the article.
@4 the evangelicals have a very specific reason for blindly supporting Israel. It's because it's a part of the armaggedon story that all the Jews will gather in Israel before the second coming. It's actually incredibly disturbing (as a Jewish person) and I think it's incredibly short sighted for Israel as well to take that support.
If these idiots want to help Israel so they can keep a bunch of Jews alive to either convert or kill on Judgment Day, fine. Israel needs all the help it can get, and that ludicrous fairy tale of theirs isn't going to happen anyway.
Send the evangelical christians to labor camps. Economy saved! Problem solved!
Ug, I really hate Ted Cruz.
Cruz isn't Hitler.

He's Josef Goebbels.