Do we know what the incentive will be to move out of the housing? Is there a limit on how long you can stay there? Is job seeking a requirement? Also, are "chores" mandatory?

I'd like to know these things.
Whenever I hear comments about the Homeless Situation in this area, they either ONLY mention one economic factor --- or NONE at all?…

On KUOW they frequently mention it on "The Week in Review" show, where they'll have on a Mike McGinn, who was mayor when the disbursal of the Occupy Movement occurred in the 27 major cities around the country at the same time, well coordinated by those cities' police departments --- so if McGinn is helping the economic warfare aimed at the citizenry, which that movement is fighting against, then he certainly is in no position to comment on something he helps exacerbate!

Likewise, one hears quite a bit from our present mayor, Murray, who is still sitting on the McDonnell Analytics study on illegal foreclosures (fraudclosure) --- and illegal evictions and foreclosures certainly added to homelessness.

Now, when I checked into the backgrounds of some of those people involved in that project cited in Austin Jenkins' article, it sure appeared to me like a bunch of them were involved in generating the homeless problem to begin with, a common ploy, those who profit from creating a problem, get to control or work on the so-called "solution"!

Really going to improve the optics of that light rail ride to the airport.
@1 @3 which part of emergency don't you get?
I'm no expert on homelessness but it seems to me that these tiny houses are a great solution to the short-term need to get roofs over peoples' heads while longer term fixes are worked on. I imagine they cost less than shelters and more pleasant to boot.
@4, when the "emergency" lasts years and gets worse and worse.
Adverse Possession.
Vote Socialist ( and get some ballot measures passed that are pro-Socialistic. -- & & ).
Bring everyone over to White Center, we won't notice.

@4 I kid, the rainier valley optics to airport-bound light rail travelers have always been bad! What I really fear is the addition of a bunch of new desperate folks to an already-crime plagued part of town. The Othello corridor might be shootier than Rainier Beach. In this case I actually worry about the people in the camp more than the people in the neighborhood. Maybe equal worry, actually.

This should please the angry northenders, though. Put the garbage in the garbage can where it belongs, right?
@1&4: Why should we take you seriously when you clearly don't even know what day it is?
@9 Rainier Beach laughs at you thinking the Othello area is more dangerous. Plz hang out at S Garden St and lemme know how Othello park feels after .

That said, I love this idea and we'll be much more welcoming than the snobs up north. Just don't let the Seward Park folk get too involved.
@9 Also White Center lolololol. More like DruggyShootyBlack Center amirite
@1, 2, and 6: I really wish I could move out of my warm, safe, quiet, private apartment and move into an encampment. I'm sure that all the people who've become newly homeless in the last 10 years had that same wish and thus decided to do so. Especially if they had kids, since living with kids in a tent is so much fun. Or perhaps instead I'll become a service provider, since they all have such easy jobs and the respect of the whole community, besides making the big bucks. .

Perhaps the incentive to move out is "you have to live in a tent with no electricity, sewage, or running water?"

Why do people like you seem to think that the main problem the homeless have is that they aren't miserable enough?

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