Weeeeeeeehaaaaaaa! Wish i had that dancing banana gif handy.
So, will the GOP block his replacement until the election is over?

OK, I'm just going to say I was with a friend at the PNW Ballet, lots of people saw us there, then we went to the Tin Lizzie on Queen Anne, more people saw us there, after that we took a cab to Connor Byrne's in Ballard, then ended the night at Witness on the Hill, we walked home from there.

So no way was I anywhere near Marfa.

Just sayin'
My celebratory comment deleted? Sorry but this guy was essentially a fundamentalist Mullah literally fucking up millions of lives, and dead's essentially the only way they clear out. I happy he died with a sensible centrist Dem in office, well played Tony!
Oh whoops sorry. Still not sad though.
The nomination of a replacement is gonna be a bloodbath.
A hallmark of maturity is not celebrating the death of one's political adversaries.
Bye, bitch.
ummm.. hookers and blow ?
People often forget that when making a ruling justices are often bound to follow their antiquated out of touch view because they're fucking monsters.
This was divine retribution for SCOTUS fucking over Obama's regulations to comply with the Paris Climate Change Agreement.

Now, I wonder if Thomas and Alito are going to go hunting any time soon.
From U.S. District Judge Fred Biery said he was among those notified about Scalia's death. "I was told it was this morning," Biery said of Scalia's death. . . . "My reaction is it's very unfortunate. It's unfortunate with any death, and politically in the presidential cycle we're in, my educated guess is nothing will happen before the next president is elected."

My reaction is: it's about time. Contrary to Judge Biery's belief, all deaths are not unfortunate.

I wonder if that will end up being true, no replacement for Scalia before the next election? If that is the case, then it's even more important that Clinton or Sanders be elected.

O Frabjous Day, Caloo Cullay!
also, don't delete my sincere feelings about a man that once mused it wasn't bad to carry out a lawful execution even if the victim was innocent.
@8, Pleez. He was a collossal asshole who openly condemned gay people and would taylor his legal rulings solely to fit his own biases and his sadistic enjoyment in hurting others. The country is far better off without him.
The first two comments (of which mine was one) were censored???


Piss on the stranger censors!
Too bad it was in his sleep, and not hunting with Dick Cheney.
Evidently the Hillary Kissinger crowd controls all speech at Der Stranger?
@2, definitely. There's no way Obama would get a nominee through. One more reason to be terrified if a Republican gets in.
3: So no way was I anywhere near Marfa.

Oh, no, it wasn’t the merchant seamen. It was the beauty of same-sex marriage that killed the Beast.
My original comment was deleted also, so I'll say it again. Good riddance. I'm glad he's dead.
Just for the record nothing i posted was censored, just didn't load for a while, probably because comment thread is really busy
I shall eat some applesauce in his memory. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
@15 @19--Your comments weren't censored. I had to delete the earlier post and replace it with this one because the format was being screwy. Sorry for the confusion.
President Obama needs to quickly nominate a progressive jurist with impeccable credentials. And then dare the US Senate to not confirm that nomination. If the Senate fails to confirm (prime speculation already even), it's even more evidence Republicans are the Party Of No.
mmm, that applesauce was delicious
For extra fun, Obama should nominate Bill Clinton.
@25 oh good to know.

In that case, "Burn in hell you pig fucking, robed wizard of shit"
President Obama should nominate Barack Hussein Obama to the Supreme Court.
Bet the poor man would be alive today if he'd had some anal sex once in a while.

Anita Hill.

My thought as well. We've got nearly nine months before Election Day. President Obama should place a nominee (the more liberal the better) before the Senate for consideration as quickly as possible, then let the Republicans drag out the process; the longer they take, the worse they'll look. If they actually do approve the nominee (unlikely) all the better; if not he should make a second nomination immediately thereafter. Keep their feet to the proverbial fire right up until November 8th - and beyond, if necessary.
36 has an interesting post.
@35, how do you think we've got the Congress that we've got? Because people voted for them. The general public -- those voters -- isn't going to give a damn about a SCOTUS nomination failing.
@32: Or, Obama should resign and Biden should nominate him.
@ 32, Bamz has already said heez not interested. I'll bet his team already has a list of top choices, though.
Wow, this is the best Valentine's Day present I could ever ask for.

Good riddance, old man. You won't be missed.
Yeah I'm sure the Republican Party would never stonewall a credible nominee. Because they care so much about their brand and the future of their party. Government will keep working just fine as long as their side of the aisle isn't filled with scorched earth nihilists who care more about scoring cheap points than their basic duty and humanity. We'd sure be in trouble if those lunatics ever elected a congress like that.
If I had a heart this would warm the cockles of it.
@16: Okay. But my point is still valid.
Dear conservative women who support Justice Scalia: GOD'S WILL!

Dear non-self-hating women: Long live the QUAILS!!
Ding dong, the witch is dead! Good riddance to bad trash!!! But of all the egregious things he said & did during his Supreme Court term, at least he now has the consideration to kick the bucket while Obama is President ...thank you for that, you %#$*&^@#$%!
It seems this story was relocated to a new URL soon after the original posting ...that might explain the missing comments.
May that corrupt authoritarian motherfucker rot in hell. His embodiment of evil was second only to Dick Cheney.

I'm going to have to take a road trip just to piss on his grave.
Best Case Scenario: Hillary Clinton does some shit, pushes an Obama nominee through

Fantasy Case Scenario: Obama has any obstructionists hung from the capital rotunda

Worst Case Scenario: GOP successfully blocks the nominee, uses it to win the election, and nominate and confirm a patsy.

Likely Case Scenario: A moderate republican "compromise" nominee is confirmed.
@267 the problem is that "Party of No" doesn't hold any meaning. Who cares? Only people that weren't going to vote GOP anyhow. Does it matter to you if [Dem candidate] is a "tax and spend liberal"?
Fuck you, Phoebe. Fuck you and your elitist attitude. Couldn't be happy that the asshole is dead.
Riz @10 : That seems like a great way to celebrate!
Reverse Polarity's mother: "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all."

Reverse Polarity: *silence*
As if this election isn't batshit bananas enough.
It already looks like a lame duck SCOTUS. CBS:
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Kentucky, believes the U.S. Senate should wait 11 months for the next president to be sworn in before confirming a Supreme Court justice to replace the late Justice Antonin Scalia.
Wow, it was just announced that Obama will nominate someone. That was fast. Of course he won't get the nomination through the Senate, but yay for him trying.
@37 The general public is not quite as bad as that (bear with me here). We got the congress we have because of things like gerrymandering, and our history of abysmal midterm election turnouts, especially during presidents' second terms. Yes, there are a lot of shitty people who vote, but the percentage isn't as big as it looks based on election results.
The half dozen geeky/wonky lawyers in my circle are saying look for the Bay Area's Lucy Koh to get consideration. No reports yet from the slick/despotic lawyers.

She has a chance at confirmation - relatively low bar for how much bile the Republican's could puke on the first Asian to apply before looking in bad taste. Heard she's super squeeky clean too.
What kind of boils my bacon is that he died peacefully in his sleep after a day doing something he enjoyed and a nice dinner.

Who knows? I'm looking forward to something sordid, maybe even involving blumpkins.
The new yorker just reposted this list of potential replacement candidates to their facebook feed.…

I've never heard of any them. But then I'm not sure who I would've heard of, lest someone from daytime TV were to emerge as a darkhorse candidate. I could see Judge Judy being decent on women's issues and she certainly wouldn't take any crap from anyone.
@50: Calm down. It's not being elitist. It's being civil. I'm sure you know that Ruth Bader Ginsburg and he were very close friends despite being polar opposites politically (which is probably why they had such a close friendship). It's not elitist to consider her feelings, and those of the Scalia family for that matter.

Judge Mary Isabel Yu. Woman, Asian American, AND gay!!!
Our Dear Phoebe is right of course, but I don't regard Scalia to be a "political adversary". He was an odious little man who should never have been put into what is ostensibly not a political position, yet let his politics dictate his opinions. I feel bad for his family and friends, but that doesn't make my any less glad he's dead.

The Republicans couldn't be more predictable and transparent. I called that play before I even finished reading about his death.

The President is going to appoint a nominee and the Republicans will attempt to block it, no matter who it is... even if he nominates the the reanimated zombie corpse of Saint Reagan.

End result is we end up with another mealy-mouthed, navel gazing centrist.
@Reverse Polarity. Say something nice? How about sing something nice?
🎵🎶"Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, zip-a-dee-ay
My, oh my, what a WONDERFUL DAY.."🎷🎸🎵🎶
Ding dong (the witch is dead...the wicked witch, the evil witch...)

I feel terrible feeling such elation that that fucker is out of public life.
So if the Republicans refuse to seat anyone that only adds drama to the election. Which attracts public interest. Which increases voter turnout.

Which helps Democrats.

Smart Republicans would do their job and confirm the best nominee they could hope for with this Senate. They'll have fewer seats and a more liberal President with a strong mandate if they delay.

Not enough smart Republicans though.
@61 - How dare you question how I choose to grieve his passing? He was a monster. Fuck you and your elitist "My way is right" attitude of say no ill about the dead. If you want to live by Victorian ethics, fine, but you have ZERO right to question those who don't. Troll.
“This would be an excellent day for Justice Clarence Thomas to continue his tradition of just doing whatever Justice Scalia does.”
–Betty Bowers

“Justice Scalia Dead Following 30-Year Battle With Social Progress” –The Onion

Perhaps not, but a SCOTUS nominee is too high-profile a position for the Senate to simply ignore. They'll HAVE to hold hearings, even if the intent of the GOP is to not vet a particular nominee. So, the President keeps throwing nominees at them, let THEM be the bad guys here, and by the time either Clinton or Sanders walks into the Oval Office come next January, they'll have run out of excuses, and even their base will have to acknowledge that fact. Who knows? By then Obama himself may come around to accepting a turn in the black robes - wouldn't THAT be a hoot?
I will only paraphrase what the great Bette Davis allegedly said upon hearing of Joan Crawford's passing: "My mother told me to only speak good of the dead. Antonin Scalia is dead. Good."

As for Sperifera@69: Phoebe is good people. You dis her, you make yourself look bad.
9 - Well, it can therapeutic to vent rather than having it bottled up inside. I'll agree with you on that.
@8, @61 --- Possibly. But nobody's saying anything about Scalia that they weren't saying when he was alive.
^ (except for the "he's dead" part, obviously)
Stranger readers once again do not disappoint. The comments here are only to be expected by individuals who's passings will be unmourned, unmissed and unnoticed. Except you, Catalina, you're kinda awesome.

I expect even most good, God-fearing Christians would have to admit one can't be technically alive without a soul...
@76 that might be so but i'm fairly certain my death won't make anybody happy
@71, the Republicans don't have to do anything. That should have been evident over the last few years.

@76, why is it that Republicans can't spell?
@78- you are correct. You're a legend and would be sorely missed. But that's it, just Riz and Catalina.
@76 - whose
@79- that's the default of the intellectually lazy- you have no intelligent rebuttal so you whine about the technicalities. And what, pray tell, is misspelled?
81- thank you!
@76: I must share with you the comment a friend of mine on Facebook made when he heard tell Scalia's demise:

Truthfully, my opinion of his legacy is similar to his opinion of my marriage.

The man was was.......well he was really pretty awful as a jurist and a person, which is why, while those here may not garner the publicity upon shuffling off this mortal coil that he has, you might note why so much of the notice his death has received has been negative.

I personally would prefer to die unnoticed rather than to be remembered for the sort bigotry, arrogance and pure applesauce displayed by Scalia during his career.
History may remember him, but it won't be fondly.
@84- that is well said. I do take exception to a group of people that claim to be inclusive of all walks of life yet gleefully celebrate a death. At least right-wingers are clear about their prejudices.

@79- maybe English is not my native language, you xenophobic nitwit.

@79- furthermore, the error was grammatical.
As far as respecting Scalia's family's grief, he had a family roughly the size of the population of Italy and there had to have been at least a few people in that family tree who just couldn't stand to be around that egocentric asshole.

I had an uncle who also died of Scalia. My heart goes out to this guy.
@87, well, I take it back. Why is it that Republicans (either native English speakers or not) are so ungrammatical?
86/Francis: @84- that is well said. I do take exception to a group of people that claim to be inclusive of all walks of life yet gleefully celebrate a death.

I'm reminded of people who equate respecting someone's right to have an opinion with respecting the opinion itself.
"whether pubic unions can force their members to pay dues" - Smith, I will not be holding the door for you should we be entering the same building at the same time.
"you have ZERO right to question those who don't"
@88- your racism is really showing.
@86: Francis, since when is being an arrogant, pompous, bigot "a walk of life" and why on earth would one wish to be inclusive of that?
People are glad he's dead because he actively tried to do them harm. Did he have friends? Did his family love him? Certainly, and they will mourn and miss him, but to expect anyone else to is absurd.
This gives me belly rumblins. Who decides a Bush v. Gore style tie with a 4-4 Supreme Court. I have a sinking feeling it would be the House.
Plus I'm not sure I trust liberals in this country to get off their fucking asses and vote.
@96: I doubt that. I think it would be dealt with as "hung" or tabled or something. To send it to Congress would be a violation of the separation of the three branches of government.
@98: That still doesn't answer who would decide it. I've done a bit of googling and the House is how Electoral College ties are broken. Bush v. Gore was different, a lawsuit to stop counting ballots. In any case I'm dreading the crazy ramping up even higher.
So who's got dibs on the autopsy?

Nope, never seen anything to suggest Phoebe is good people. But sperifera is pretty awesome.
He was a horrible person and you always feel glad when those keel over because it makes the world better
Dying quietly in your sleep after a day of fun on your vacation. We should all be so lucky.
Jiggery pokery? *wink wink nudge nudge*

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