Did You Leave Your Breakfast Biscuit on the #10 Bus This Morning


Wholesome goodness.
Perhaps not exactly on topic, but I've always wondered if when Dan says he doesn't drive - does that mean he doesn't own a car and prefers to let others (like Terry) drive, or does that mean he never got a license? I never understood not getting a license if you're physically able to drive - it seems like it could be useful in an emergency at least. I know a woman who did that - refused to get a license or even informally learn how to drive, and it drove me nuts a couple of times because we were temporarily in a kind of business arrangement together and her being able to drive would have come in pretty handy.

Anyway, just wondering.

Check Metro's lost and found at 2nd and Jackson in a few days. It should probably still be fine to eat.
Lance Thrustwell @ 2,

I'm able-bodied and don't have a licence. I couldn't have afforded driving school and the license until I was in my thirties, and then I made a calculation: as an urban dweller, being able to drive would come in handy maybe two or three times a year. Being able to drive safely would require practice, so renting a car at least once a month to go nowhere in particular. Did not make sense, so I didn't.

Now that I'm in my fifties with elderly relatives, driving would be a meaningfully useful skill for the first time but I'm back to not having the money.
Alison @4 - Hm. Well, that makes sense. Sorry you're broke these days, btw. Dan, however, hasn't been broke for quite some time. But, anyway, none of my business really. Cheers.
Lance Thrustwell, my beloved has a license and owns a car but when we go downtown we take public transit because it's cheaper and easier.