Latinos are also POCs, aren't they? Immigrants from Mexico and Central America are the backbone of the Construction Industry.
Ask anyone – ANYONE – hiring in construction in this city:

If a physically willing,
personally accountable,
no felony,
driver's license owning,
reasonably socialized person
shows-up to work...

It doesn't matter whether they are green, purple or orange....

They will be working for $15-$17/hr by tomorrow morning. And $20-$22 if they have even some basic skill (painting, framing, etc.)

The shortage of black construction workers has to do with a shortage of black workers. No amount of "systemic racism" is going to keep these GC's from missing their performance incentives.
@2 thats bullshit, I see tons of crews arriving to work on the bus these days. Drivers license have to be optional on large in city jobs.
Who cares if they take a bus. Just get a drivers license.

They aren't optional job requirements. You don't need a C-class. But you will have to move a van, run for site supplies. You don't need to have a WSDL to drive a forklift or operate a scissor lift, but most of the trainers/certifiers require it. And OSHA and insurers wants operators certified. The world will not stand still for people who won't do basic shit. Stop making excuses for people who won't do the work to get work.

You probably should've waited for the response before posting the article. Otherwise, you have anecdotes (are they even verified anecdotes) versus actual data (which you question). That's some shoddy reporting.
@2: do any GCs or Subs ever take chances on guys with Felony Convictions? seems like we're at full pool for Const Jobs right now, and they've got to be relaxing standards somewhat.

I feel like I've met some guys on crews that have done time - roofing crews.
Roofing crews is are the low end of construction. No expensive equipment to steal, no access to customer houses to rob... etc. Employers will raise wages to increase competitiveness long before they'll dip into criminals.

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