South Dakota Becomes First State to Pass Anti-Trans Student Bathroom Bill


What a bunch of poopy-heads. Is this middle school, where the kids wallow in snickering toilet humor?

Naaah, that's too high-concept for the legislators and the nitwits who elected them.
He's never met a transgendered person that he knows of, because presumably he hasn't been checking fellow bathroom users' genitals or chromosomes.

Come to think of it, how do we know that Governor Daugaard is using the appropriate bathrooms? Maybe someone at the statehouse should give him an official look-see.
If trans people are truly as rare as the governor claims, then what "problem" is this bill purportedly solving?
He has "not met a transgender person that he is aware of", meaning he probably has met a ton and just wasn't aware of it.
And exactly WHO is going to pull these kids' pants down and inspect their apparent gender?
It sure as hell isn't going to be normal people, who likely don't get bothered by the contents of what's in anybody else's pants.
He has met a trans person:…
So South Dakota has no other more pressing problems for it's legislature to solve?

Than this so far nonexistent problem.

Republicans be evil fucks.
What about those people whose chromosomes and external genitalia don't match up? (They do exist.) Which one wins? I assume it's the chromosomes because as we all know, God arranges those via the holy books of Meiosis 1 and 2.
This whole debacle just makes me feel ill. Just let people pee in peace for god's sake...
1. Bill becomes law
2. Intersex student files lawsuit
3. ???
This South Dakota law is really poorly written. If one gets their gender changed on their original birth certificate (something one can do), legally they are and were that gender. That is now how they were legally identified as at birth. At that point, the South Dakota law demands you use the restroom of the gender you are now legally identified as at birth.
Oh for crying out loud why the hell are Republicans hanging out in restrooms checking out people's genitals? And then complaining about people hanging out in restrooms checking out people's genitals?

What is wrong with them?
When I find myself in times of trouble
Mother Mary comes to me
Speaking words of wisdom
Let 'em pee

The Beatles, ladies and gentlemen. They'll be here all week.

But seriously, folks, in Washington this anti-transgender bill is a dream come true for Republicans and Democrats alike. With marriage equality a done deal, both parties were desperate for another social wedge issue to establish product differentiation for their target markets. With lower-income social conservatives and lower-income social progressives distracted by a fabricated problem over who pees where, they can get on with their core bipartisan work of ensuring that Washington continues to have the most regressive tax system in the country.

"The Republican governor also said as far as he was aware he hadn't met a transgender person and likely wouldn't do so before deciding on the measure so as to ensure objectivity in his decision."

That second half of that graf is horrifying.
Sounds good to me! If you act like a weirdo, you're going to get treated like a weirdo.