Frank Bruni and the Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Trump


Wow, this new RealityPres TV channel show is just great! There are so many twists, crazy characters, and wacky things that it's hard to keep up.. you almost have to watch every episode!~And the image quality is pretty good too, but can I-uh, can I get a little more orange in his hair?
I can see Trump winning in November...I really can. Have you met most of the voters who live in those places that have too many electoral votes? You know "real America" or whatever the fuck they call themselves now.

Be scared at this point....very scared.
trump voters WANT it to be an easy job, and trump tells them it is.

he just gish gallops black-or-white non-solutions to problems he can't be bothered to think about. in other words, he's just like his voters.
SQUAD [chanting]: You ain't got no friends on the Left!
BABE: You're right!
SQUAD: You ain't got no friends on the Right!
BABE: You're left!
SQUAD: Hound Dog!
BABE: One! Two!
Love O'bama's assessment of the job of POTUS, like he is doing such a wonderful job?
The thing that people seem to like about The Trump Card is that he speaks his mind. No matter that he is 99% factually wrong in what he says, the American public has been fully scrubbed of any ideas of, you know, "fact" and "truth" and stuff. They are fully soaked in Emotionalist(TM) politics... if you scream it loud enough, you must be right. And if you really believe it, it's ok by us! (And by us, I mean them. I think. You *are* one of us, right? Or one of..them?)

That's his selling point. All other politicians are slimy shifty flip-floppy mother fuckers who say anything the polls tell them to. Trump is honest! Forthright! Never mind the racism and bullying, them's good old American values right there.
@5 - Better than you, Portnoy!
Frank Bruni is one of the greatest writers of our day. Reading his work is soothing.
Just saw a post from Goldy's Estranger facebook page welcoming Kelly O to the ranks.
Though she's still listed on the masthead as photographer so...
> Meanwhile, in a separate New York Times piece today, Obama criticizes Trump directly...

This is not well stated. Obama criticized Trump at press conference yesterday which got reported in the NYT and elsewhere. The wording above implies Obama wrote an opinion piece for the NYT.
Eerie—ten minutes before I saw that, I had started playing "How Can You Be in Two Places at Once When You're Not Anywhere at All?"
@5: Do they categorize him using a catch-all term of "Irish," in the place you live? Is that why you spelled it that way? Or, considering God does not give with both hands, should I instead assume you're very attractive?
Does anyone else see an overly bronzed Stacy Keach in that image? I never noticed it before, but their profiles do seem very similar. Maybe it's that bulldog-like mouth in that image.
@13 - Next time, I'll think to you about gravity, and its opposite, comedy. Until then, this is Nino saying, can I say, goodbye?