Hey, There's a CNN Town Hall on with Donald Trump, Jeb! Bush, and Some Other Guy—Let's Watch Together


they both look like robots in that pic
is this really necessary? I mean if they said anything of importance we could always talk about it tomorrow.
@2 It's not necessary at all. I personally invite you to go do anything else.
Looks like the CNN.com "Preview" won't run free for non cable-subscription viewers like the last debate, probably because this can be classified as a "town hall".
I don't even know what bladder protection is. Is it like a bullet proof vest for your loins, to stop ammosexuals shooting you in the bladder? My bladder is on the inside, all nice and protected by my skin and stuff. Should I be worried that someone is coming for my bladder? "Nice bladder you have there, cinner, shame if something happened to it"? The Mafia run a bladder protection racket now?
Fall Out Boy and Linkin Park might actually be a good answer for the music Kasich likes, if he were running in 2004, and 15-year-olds could vote.
Trump and Jeb look like figures in Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum.
When, WHEN will this fucking torture end?
I really like Trump. He says different things all the time, and he doesn't say "Jesus is my personal savior," which Bush and Kasich apparently need to constantly make plain. And he fights back at the Pope. Somebody's got to. Jeb Bush is actually more stupid than W. Really. I didn't think that was possible. And he doesn't have the in-retrospect-charming personality. He doesn't have any personality. He'd be OK as a stupid uncle you didn't have to see very often, but as President, no.
So a young guy talks about suicide and depression and Christopher just kinda mocks the video of him? Nice.

And then Trump starts rambling about Michael Jackson having sex and Michael getting plastic surgery but the updates stop before that part?!
I know it sounds crazy but if you are left of center the one you need to be worried about right now is Kasich.
@11: If Hillary gets indicted by the FBI, a significant possibility, Katich and Bush become much more attractive to independents if one of them is the Republican nominee. Much more attractive to moderates and independents than than a socialist who wants to overhaul everything.
Who do you think makes the best guacamole?

1. Jeb!
2. Trump
3. Kasich (sp?)
4. Jesus
This the first I've heard of a potential indictment. So I googled "Hillary indictment" and the top hit is a 17 year old piece talking about our ol' pal Ken Starr. The top current result was from a "conservative report" site, which I've gotta figure is gonna be somewhat biased, followed by one from the similarly slanted daily caller. I didn't bother looking beyond that and don't think Hillary's supporters are sweating this, though I could be wrong.

Kasich may be coming into this momentum too late, though I can't imagine he won't land on the ticket, if only as VP, which is scary in that it brings them Ohio. I really think dems are gonna need a VP from a swing state to offset that.
That won't happen, as the F.B.I. don't indict people.