so a narrow win will be spun [by me, Dan Savage] as a defeat

Fixed that for you.
Well, at least another President Clinton can cut what's left of the safety net. I mean "reforming" welfare was just the start. I wonder how Hillary is going to spin cutting Social Security as being necessary? Hmmmm.....
@2: I'll filed your comment accusing me for being on Bernie's side right beside all the ones accusing me of being on Hillary's side. (I'm for Hill or Bern or both.)
Sounds about right.
Glad to hear you are voting Democratic.
Concerned about vitriol between respective candidates' supporters
@3 - I dunno, maybe. But if George Bush couldn't destroy Social Security backed by a party that wanted to, its hard to see Clinton doing so backed by a party that (generally speaking) doesn't.

I don't think Clinton would be any more exasperating than Obama has been. Except maybe in foreign policy where she seems eagerly blood thirsty compared to Obama's mild reluctance.
I would rather vote for Joan Crawford's corpse than any of them.
For the record, according to the 3 polls released in the month of February (or at least the only three 538 thought were credible enough to cite). Hillary's lead was between 0 and 6 points. I, for one, was expecting a close race.
Can someone explain to me why Sanders is giving up SC? Won't that allow Hillary and the media to spin that black people hate Sanders? Won't that be hugely damaging for Sanders in subsequent states, especially with the youth vote? Won't that allow Hillary an easy victory from here on out if she can make that narrative stick?
The Guardian has reported that John Ellis Bush has dropped out of the Presidential race. Thank god.
He went from Jeb! to Jeb :-(

(please clap)
Hillary won because Sanders only appeals to white progressives. Hillary crushed it with black voters and Latinos. If Sanders gets crushed next weekend in South Carolina then that is going to hurt him as he goes into Super Tuesday.……
@ 15, Why?

The black and Latino middle classes have been totally obliterated over the last eight years. Most are far worse off today than in 2008, and Hillary promises more of the same. Supporting her makes no sense.
Harmlessly shooting in the air, like that lovable American icon Yosemite Sam. Nice to see responsible gun owners get a little media attention for once.
There is no reason for any Republican candidate to drop out of the race, unless the reason is money. There are too many unknowable unknowns that could still change the whole dynamic.
OriginalAndrew @16:

"Sanders is a solid candidate and his integrity and earnestness are admirable, but that can get lost in the noise of advocacy.

Tucked among all this Bernie-splaining by some supporters, it appears to me, is a not-so-subtle, not-so-innocuous savior syndrome and paternalistic patronage that I find so grossly offensive that it boggles the mind that such language should emanate from the mouths — or keyboards — of supposed progressives."…

@8, the strategy to destroy SS (by the third way Corporate Democrats) is death by a thousand cuts: Benefit cuts, chained CPI increases, raising the age; followed in the distance by a dual system of private SS w/ the investment banks getting a skim of the SS along side a weakened barely funded government SS, with the eventual abolition of the government administered one, which I suspect is the long game.

Bernie giving up SC? I heard that he had an aggressive ground going on in that state.
Somewhere in Germany, circa 1931:
Oh that Hitler! He's such an idiot, nobody takes him seriously. He'll never be chancellor.
"Sorry, But There's No Way to Avoid Talking About Kesha at this Point"
Yes there is, Sean; it's called disabling the comments. Don't call for a discussion and then preempt one, you roody-poo candy-ass.

Yeah, pretty much the exact wtf reaction I had.

Pretty much what I thought. One of the strangest joke posts on Slog.
And I had a lot to say about the Kesha thang.
@21 - I was referring to Bush in who 2005 explicitly set out to privatize Social Security using his "mandate" from the 2004 elections. The project was dead on arrival and it was all downhill from there for the Bush administration.

The episode illustrates a lot of hard truths about politics in the United States of America.
Disabling comments is one thing, I mean I guess it helps you avoid any kind of criticism from your readers, but it also ensures basically no one is going to read your article. No one reads Slog for the mediocre articles, people are here for the comments.

Unforgivable however is putting a fucking auto-play Kesha song right on the front page of Slog. Fire that asshole.
RE: Latino votes and other musings. Bernie led Hillary amongst Latinos in Nevada by a small margin (8%). The fact that he squeaked by her amongst Latino votes proves that his message is not quite resonating with this constituency. He needs to start talking about other topics that concern minorities and the general populace, not just his spiel about the top 1%. At the end of the day, his desire to emulate a European democratic socialism and the associated programs and laws needed to enact them won't get out of a congressional committee, unless like minded voters and other registered democrats voters show up to vote in local, state, and congressional elections. The Koch bros, Adelson, and the other billionaires are buying up local, state, and congressional candidates. They are counting on democrat voters not voting in these elections as they have not done in the past. They know that republicans vote with much higher frequency and regularity. (I suggest the following article:…) If we don't show up to vote on the local and state level, we shouldn't complain when some of the candidates who do win wind up elected to Congress and passing legislations that harms us all.
+1 to the bewilderment with no comments on Kesha story. I was looking forward to some crowdsourced dirt on what a jackass that Lucasz guy might be. Another excuse for why I've gone from reading Slog once an hour to once a month.
You know, we wouldn't have to worry about anyone gutting Social Security if Progressives/Liberals/Normals actually took the time to vote, and didn't have to be coaxed with shiny objects and celebrities.
@26: "Disabling comments is one thing, I mean I guess it helps you avoid any kind of criticism from your readers"
What he didn't suspect is that we'd criticize ANOTHER THREAD. :O
@30: More than likely Sean just forgot to set "Show Comments = true" or something like that. They don't check links, there are no editors, so it's not surprising they just Post 'N Go!
@ 20,

His thesis that people are voting for Hillary because they know she'll betray them, rather than vote for Sanders and suffer another historical disappointment is even more bizarre. If we never vote for an authentic candidate with tremendous personal integrity that shares our values like Sanders, then our lives will continue to worsen and the country will continue its slow motion implosion.
"I wasn't spinning it one way or another. Just mindlessly/lazily regurgitating a point that's been made elsewhere/everywhere..."

Sorry Dan, but that IS spinning.
Sanders isn't proposing anything that hasn't been the norm in Canada and Europe for decades. It's incredible how our politics now is driven by ignorance and fear, and that the central argument against his candidacy is that he can't win in the general election--the very same argument against Obama's candidacy in 2008.
@31, what do you mean there are no editors? Savage was the Editor in Chief until 2007, and now Frizzelle has the job. Richards is the managing editor. Mudede is the Associate Editor. Nelson is the Arts and Music Editor. Brownstone, Groover, and Herz are all News Editors.

If anything, the obvious problem at The Stranger is that editors are writing the stories instead of, you know, editing them. When the editorial staff is not only writing the news but also not editing or proofreading it, you get a group of out of touch yesmen circulating stale ideas off of one another.

Contrary to The Stranger having no editors, they have too many editors not doing their job of editing. Their journalists comprise the editorial board, and yet they don't seem to see how that can lead to any problems.
What's with the misspelling of MUSLIMS???
@8, Alden, are you nuts!!!!!!!????

Obama has made at least two cuts to Social Security in his term, it's called "chained-CPI" dood!

I realize all this government and financial and political stuff is too complicated for most of the tweeners here, but at least inquire of an adult sometime!
@38, it's pointless to make that point to the corporate Democrat ass kissers on Slog. You should know that by now. And you should remind them that Obama has offered up even more cuts to Social Security while he was President that Congress turned down because it was Obama offering them up.
(I'm for Hill or Bern or both.)

Borrowing from Sanders, Hillary's campaign unveils a new slogan: Feel the Clint.

I would strenuously recommend to all the low-information voters who are in love with the Clintons (or the Bushes) to read Bill Press' book, Buyer's Remorse, where he details everything Obama sold us out on, and Mr. Press doesn't even cover all the stuff Obama did!
@40: I think that'll leave a lot of chairs empty.
@35, you are confusing editors with copy editors. Editors are just managers, copy editors copy edit. Newspapers started cutting the copy editors 10 years ago. Scratch that, 14 years ago.
#43, I'm pretty sure Savage has mentioned doing copy editing work while on The Stranger staff, back in the Precambrian days known as the 1990's. Most editors work their way up the ranks, and have done copy editing in their past. And all editors are considered management.
@26, and he posted that fucking Kesha thing on Friday, so that it won't be moved off the front page until maybe Monday afternoon (Slog now having no new articles posted on the weekends).
@42, I see what you did there.
@37, you must be thinking of Medicaid when you claim that Medicare has no cost controls -- Medicare has zillions of cost controls. Just ask one of the "old people" about that. We're constantly being told that Medicare doesn't cover this/that/theotherthing.
Somebody PLEASE disable that damned Kesha auto play thing!!!!!!!!!!!! Why should we have to remember to mute our sound every time we enter Slog?
Medicare does indeed have quite a few restrictions. Part of the reason it is so expensive is that people use it a lot, and it costs a lot to die. Another reason is that the doctor's Union (the AMA) restricts the number of medical school admissions.

When we broached the topic of physicians having discussions with their patients about their preferences for end of life, Sarah Palin turned that into "death panels" and republicans, being not only horrible but also stupid, bought it hook, line and sinker.
Five Thirty Eight had it as high odds Clinton would win—by a modest margin.

They have her at >99% chance of winning in SC, by a larger margin, and 98%+ chance of winning 5 out of 7 Super Tuesday states (only 78% for Oklahoma, and trailing in Masschusetts, which doesn't have much recent polling). Her likely Super Tuesday wins will also likely be by larger margins than Nevada.

But you know, spin however you like.
@37, Is that you, VP Quayle?
@45: How about The Stranger auction off weekend posting rights to a few Sloggers for charity fundraising? The Slogger couldn't be a troll, and must have no history of comments pulled.
In response to the autoplay, I will leave an open bold tag.
If this is bold, it's seatackled's fault.
Actually Dan I'm seeing the media saying Hillary has regained the momentum only Bernie and his lefty sites are spinning it as a loss. Map looks good for Hillary from here out you know not as many white states.
And Hillary isn't going to be as moderate as her husband what liberals don't understand, and its a lot, is that the 90s were a much much much more conservative time Clinton had to be as moderate as he was when we as a party ran liberals in the 80s we got crushed we were a damn laughingstock.

Don't worry. You're not bold.
@55, 56, 59: It seems they actually sanitize their comment inputs these days.

hmm, apparently not as well as they should.
or maybe they hire an intern to run around closing tags?
@61: LOL! Especially with that expression on your face!
^only on some articles
@59: Oh yes I am!
I see your bold and raise you Italics
I'll filed your comment accusing me for being on Bernie's side right beside all the ones accusing me of being on Hillary's side. (I'm for Hill or Bern or both.)

Come on Dan, claiming that Sanders is not electable and regurgitating the Bernie Bros Clinton campaign propaganda amounts to campaigning for Hillary whether or not you also claim to like Sanders.
Of course DS woud prefer Hillary. Let's recall his support for the Iraq invasion. Or does that still get your comment banned around here?
#58: Haha, that's hilarious. Somehow you just know she's going to be this uber progressive once she gets in.
@65: Gotta do italics like this

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