hoist by their own petard.

I have less sympathy for Republicans than I have for armed felons conducting drug deals on Sunday afternoons.
The (R)'s and (D)'s hating on him is the main reason people are voting for him. Dipshit media keep calling him Hitler? More votes for Donald! Fuck the system.
It's been 40 years since Republicans stood for fiscal responsibility. Reagan threw that out the window when he cut taxes and increased spending.
Hillary isn't going to inspire anyone to vote for her except fear of Trump: and I don't think that's enough. And looking at our choices in Washington state...well I don't see Inslee marshaling much on the ground excitement either.

We should be scared of Trump: there's a good chance he's going to win come November. 2016 is the year of the voter rebellion: never said that it would make things better.
Trump may be more candid about the GOP's agenda for white supremacy and the sadistic oppression of women, people of color, sexual minorities, non-evangelical Christian groups, and the poor, but aren't his views and policies exactly what the party of White Revenge has always wanted? Isn't he the ultimate symbol of American success by their definition? Especially by calling himself a Christian while simultaneously rejecting all positive Christian values and basic human decency. They can't even articulate to their own supporters why they shouldn't vote for him.
Fear of Trump should motivate anyone, _especially_ a genuine conservative who cares about tradition and measured change.
I wouldn't doubt that many Rs would vote for HRC or even Bernie.
Trump is unpredictable. Truly dangerous.
> Another Washington State Republican told the Republicans that Trump is "the closest thing to a fascist we’ve had in years.” It was not meant as a compliment.

That last sentence is hilarious!
Donald Trump is a succesful billionaire, a formidable deal-maker and negotiator. He knows how to play the media to stay in the news-cycle. He know how to build things under budget and ahead of time. --- The reason the establishment is panicking is because he owes them nothing, he is not for sale; he has said no to every lobbyist, he is self-denying his campaign. The reason the media "hates" him, is because they are snob elitists.

Donald Trump is not a racist. He is married to an immigrant. He employs thousands of immigrants. He loves immigrants (as do Trump-supporters). However, ILLEGAL immigrants account for over 30% of murders in many states. That's a problem. As is drug-trafficking. As is low salaries (kept low by illegals willing to work for next to nothing). As far as radical Muslims are concerned, no amount of kumbaya-songs will make radical Muslims love us. As much as we would like to live in peace with the rest of the world, we must acknowledge Radical Islam as a real danger and threat to the USA. This is not racist; it is common sense.
If fear of Trump isn't enough to vote for whichever Democrat is on offer, then you deserve that particular hell of a Trump presidency, with a Republican Congress!

But the rest of us don't, so grow the fuck up and vote like an adult.
Sean, above, people here don't read articles unless there is a way to comment.
As is low salaries (kept low by illegals willing to work for next to nothing).
So the people who take low salaries are the bad guys and not the people who pay low salaries?

@8 - Yes radical Islamic terrorism is a real threat, but common sense dictates not to elect Donald Trump.

Trump is also a FAILED businessman, having declared bankruptcy four times; he's managed to insult, demean, and offend just about every non-white, non-male demographic in this nation (and quite a few who DO fit that demo, including veterans and many of his fellow Republicans); he shows a complete and utter disregard - some would say indifference, to facts - as has been well documented from his innumerable misstatements; he apparently has no ability to engage social filters, saying whatever comes into his head, even to the point of frequently contradicting previous statements he's made; his policy platforms consist generally of vague, simplistic, bromides that even other conservatives (e.g. the good folks at The American Enterprise Institute and The American Action Forum, just to name two) admit would be an economic and foreign relations disaster for the country.

But yeah, he speaks his mind, so there's that I guess...
@8- "However, ILLEGAL immigrants account for over 30% of murders in many states."

100% false. Low information voters like you are a blight on democracy.…
@11: I agree
@13: I agree
@14: I agree

This is a rare occasion for you guys. Cherish the fleeting moment. Consider a virtual martini or a cocktail of your choice being delivered to your table.
and @15.
Remember when the Liberals were calling Rand Paul the worst thing ever? Paul Constance had an article a day almost about how much Rand Paul sucked. And now you have Trump...

Anyway, yes, Trump is a douchebag and yes I would vote for anyone, ANYONE over Trump, even Bernie Sanders. But the issue is, you need to understand why he is so popular. Three little letters explain why Trump is doing so well: SJW

It's you Social Justice Warriors with your "trigger warnings" and "safe spaces" and "inclusiveness" (for those who agree with you 100% and straight white cis-male scum need not apply) who made Trump. Did you REALLY think you would elect people like Sawant, push that idiotic minimum wage crap, push to suppress free speech through "hate crime laws", do that stupid "Occupy" crap and support those imbeciles in Black Lives Matter and NOT have some kind of reaction?

You, the twitter warriors, trust-fund socialist and Tumblr chumps are why Trump is popular. You called everyone who is not a far-left loan an a fascist so now that a real fascist shows up, nobody wants to believe you. The blame for the rise of Trump falls on you, Social Justice Warriors.

And while I hate that bigot...I kinda like that he is around. I hope he fails, but still, the fact that the mention of his name makes the vegan, latte-drinking, gun-banning, America bashing, Sawant voting, Safe-space dwelling, Privilege Checking, free-speech hating, Wall st Occupying, Macklemore listening, Black Lives Matter screaming buffoons break into tears and whine about being "triggered" is good stuff.

Honest, next time you run into a SJW at your local coffee shop or natural food co-op and they give you grief for being an "evil piece of cis-male scum", just say "I'm voting for Trump" and watch them have a meltdown.
@15 I agree...and here's another low information voter:…
Ah, collectivism_sucks is back!
I'll give you props for this much: you at last managed to avoid telling any bald-faced lies in these most recent posts. Why, the last time we saw you, back in December, you managed to put words in Churchill's mouth while posting in defense of fascists. (What is it with the Libertarian fringe and their tendency to repeat spurious quotations in support of their positions?)
Sadly, avoiding any outright lies doesn't get you very far, because you've just said some very foolish things indeed.

Listen here. Trump isn't at war with the namby-pamby SJW political correctness plaguing our campuses; he's at war with political correctness in its original meaning of "don't be an overtly racist/sexist/anti-Semitic/Islamophobic/whatever jackass". He's not bashing the people who think white people shouldn't do yoga so much as he's bashing the people who think we shouldn't round up religious minorities and put them in camps. He's the creation of the radical right's culture wars, simple as that.
Collectivism_sucks, last I heard you were planning to move to Texas to work for lower wages in order to further your quest to become a Sommelier. How is that working out for you?
Oh hi Venomlash.
@19, that poor girl. She seemed very high-information actually, and was just relentlessly clubbed with bullshit and interrupted repeatedly by a condescending douchebag. Yeah good example of how Fox goes after someone truly working for social justice. Thanks for that video.
@23, also he needs a little vocal-cord surgery.
I think Trump is popular because there are a lot of conservative white people out there who are tired of being told everything is their fault, even though they go to work, pay their taxes, and don't break any laws. Add that with a sound bite driven news cycle and you have the ascendance of Trump.
@23: Ha! Her answers were "deer in the headlights" -- she wasn't prepared.

@24: Neil Cavuto suffers from MS - but his voice is fine.
@22: sup
All people who think he's a racist, just Google "Racist quotes Donald Trump" seriously.

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